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Status indicates if a nation is uncivilized, civilized, secondary power or great power. One can also find the status "Partially westernized nation" and "primitive nation" in the game. These do not have an actual impact on the game, and the nations still count as uncivilized nations.

The status of a country can be identified by colour and design of the circle around the flag.

Great power

Main article: Great power
A great power is a sovereign state that is recognized as having the ability to exert its influence on a global scale. There are eight of them at any one time. Being a great power opens up several opportunities, as well as responsibilities - participating in crises the most notable. Great Powers can, in the late stages of the game, cause a Great War.

Secondary power

Main article: Secondary power
Secondary powers are not as powerful as great powers, but will usually be capable of standing on their own. They are able to colonise, although may face heavy competition from great powers. There are eight secondary powers.

Civilized nation

Main article: Civilized nation
All great and secondary power count as civilized, but here this refers to the particular class. Civilized nations are westernised. They are unlikely to be able to defend against an aggressor nation, so will require outside assistance. There is no limit to the number of civilized nations, and they cannot be demoted (although they can be promoted to secondary power).

Uncivilized nation

Main article: Uncivilized nation
Uncivilized nations are not westernised. They are burdened with numerous disadvantages which will affect their growth, and can easily be defeated by a greater nation. There are three categories of uncivilized nation. depending on their level of civilization:

  • Primitive nation - Below 15%
  • Uncivilized nation - 15% - 50%
  • Partially westernized nation - 51% - 99%

Those categories have no effect on the nation, besides the effects of the reforms it has made. It is purely flavor.