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Beginner's guide

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Choosing a nation
== Choosing a nation ==
Proper selection of a nation to play is essential to learning the game. For players who have never played a previous Victoria game, selecting a nation that is a reasonably small size is a good starting point. Possible starting nations might be:
* [[Brazil]]: Brazil starts as secondary power and are is far away from the most dominating and threatening nations of the game in Europe. Brazil offers a sort of sandbox to learning game play in a way that will forgive errors and mistakes rather easily. The nation is fairly uncomplicated economically, allowing a new player to dive into the details a little to understand the different components of game play. Perhaps most interesting of all, Brazil can be made into a [[Great power]] and offers some opportunities at [[colonization]] should a new player be so inclined. It is not hard to remain the greatest power in [[South America]], as Brazil already starts in that condition, but there is room for even greater accomplishments.
* [[Sweden]]: A relatively safe nation to play that is closer to the action in Europe, Sweden's primary threat comes from Russia. Sweden is possible to bring into Great Power status with good strategic choices, and thus offers a fairly big upside. The unification of the Nordic countries to form [[Scandinavia]] is a relatively easy way to comprehend the formation of greater nations, as can also happen with [[Italy]], [[Gran Colombia]], [[Germany]] and others.
* [[Japan]]: Japan offers a player the chance to experience the rise from uncivilized status to a Great Power with relative ease. The geographical isolation Japan starts in allows them to remain mostly undisturbed for most of the game, and their literacy rate- for an uncivilized nation- is phenomenal. Their only natural enemy is Russia due to early Russian colonization of Sakhalin and, potentially, colonial Hokkaido.
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