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'''Sweden ''' is a [[secondary power]] in Scandinavia in northern [[Europe]]. It borders with [[Russia]] and [[Denmark]].Sweden controlls controls both modern Sweden and modern [[Norway]].
It is a good nation a newcomer, as it has a decent military, a fantastic literacy and a an early goal in forming [[Scandinavia]]. One can ignore [[europe]]an politics and avoid trouble, or engage in them actively. One can have as much trouple as one wishes.
== Achieving Great Power ==
==== Military Option ====
The harder option is to Declare a war of unification on [[Russia]] to acquire the northern [[Finland]] states. There are about 27,000 Soldiers scattered through far western Russia and Finland as well as 36,000 in St.Petersburg. Another 37,000 are stationed next to Austria. This is a very hard war as Sweden has a tiny population and thus a tiny army. Build forts and then wait until Russia is at war for this. Due to Swedens great literacy, it will have a modern army compared to the russianRussian. This advantage will increase more and more as time goes. Repeat for Finland's other states.
==== Luck ====
If one is lucky a Finnish national revolution will succeed. One needs to be extremely lucky for this to happen and one can do nothing to provoke it. The [[Russia]]n army will put the revolution to the ground if they are not occupied elsewhere. If it should happen, One can then take the swedish Swedish cores right after you have enjoyed the rare sight of an independent [[Finland]].
==== Crisis Option ====
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