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Beginner's guide

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* [[France]]: For players who want to dig deep into the politics and war of Europe, France offers a good starting point. The French have a good-sized army, some extra-European colonies from which to start colonizing Africa, and their only natural enemy is Prussia due to German cores in Alsace-Lorraine. France also starts as the second Great Power, and has potential to easily overcome the [[United Kingdom]] as the greatest nation in the world, with a powerful navy, strong industries and a big piece of Africa.
* [[China]]: With the Heart of Darkness addition of uncivilized nations gaining research points in conquering land after certain military reforms have been unlocked, China is now much more suited to a beginner's style of play than it was in A House Divided. China offers sub-states that will fight for them in wars (pre-westernization), the single largest land military in the world (post-westernization), and neighbors that are uncivilized but rich in valuable resources.
* [[Belgium]]: A really small nation in the middle of Europe, Belgium is a decent nation to learn how to play. It has only one natural enemy - Netherlands -, which is quite easy to hold back if the player can work diplomacy well with the United Kingdom, who are well inclined to sphere Belgium. With this nation the inexperienced player can learn a bit about both naval and land combat, a lot about diplomacy (which will be very important to not be swallowed by the european European Great Powers), and can even watch from a privileged seat the brutal fight between Prussia and Austria.
== General Overview ==
* For strategic goods, such as artillery or goods that POPs need that would not otherwise be met due to supply shortages
Production is influenced by the [[Party_IssuesParty Issues#Economic_PolicyEconomic Policy|economic policy]] of the political party currently in power. Laissez Faire policy gives all control over factories to POPs, while the other extreme of Planned Economy gives all factory control to the government (the player). As a general rule, more government control can be useful in the early game when few if any Capitalists even exist, while Laissez Faire is generally more useful in the mid and late game where capitalist populations are large enough to be active and eager to invest in the economy. This is especially true for large nations where micromanagement of factories would be difficult and time consuming.
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