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Sweden is a [[secondary power]] in Scandinavia in northern [[Europe]]. It borders with [[Russia]] and [[Denmark]].
Sweden controlls both modern Sweden and modern [[Norway]].
It is a good nation a newcomer, as it has a decent military, a fantastic literacy and a early goal in forming [[Scandinavia]]. One can ignore [[europe]]an politics and avoid trouble, or engage in them actively.
== Achieving Great Power ==
Sweden starts at an excellent position for achieving [[Great power]] status. It boasts a good array of [[RGOs|RGO]] primarily Iron and Timper, a highly literate population and a dominant party (Conservatives) that supports State Capitalism.
== Finland ==
[[Finland]] next, this is the harder one. Sweden has cores in Finland if they did not chose the [[abandon Finland]] decision. [[abandon Finland]] will make Sweden lose its cores in exchange for 10 prestige.
Finland does not a large population nor a good literacy. One should seriously consider if 10 prestige is more worth it.
==== Military Option ====

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