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== Achieving Great Power ==
Sweden starts at an excellent position for achieving [[Great power]] status. It boasts a good array of [[RGOs|RGO]]primarily Iron and Timper, a highly literate population and a dominant party (Conservatives) that supports State Capitalism.
The fastest way to increase your score is going for Cultural technologies that give a prestige bonus, right from the start. That will elevate the country to Great Power as soon as the first prestige awarding inventions get discovered.
In the meantime, industrialization is easy, as Sweden can afford to build many factories and the political party allows it. Since the country has effectively two cultures (Swedish and Norwegian) which are clearly geographically separated, it is important to help build up the capitalist classes in both of them, so make sure you build some prosperous factories both in the Swedish regions (i.e. Svealand) and in the Norwegian ones (i.e. Östland). Cement and Glass are good choices for your first factories. This way, when [[railways]] become available, this prosperous capitalist the [[capitalists]] base can build the railway grid for you. The Swedish capitalists work on the Swedish regions and the Norwegians on their own.
== Forming Scandinavia ==
Next in row is to form Scandinavia. For this Great power status is needed as well as an intact [[Denmark]](and Schleswig and Iceland if they are independent) to be included in the [[Sphere of Influence]] (and [[Schleswig]] and [[Iceland]] if they are independent) or taken by might. The Diplomatic way is by far the easiest.
If Sweden intends to form [[Scandinavia]], but [[Prussia]] or [[Austria]] has taken [[Schleswig]] from [[Denmark]], it is useful to use the "free people" Casus belli on [[Schleswig]]. It does not cost as much infamy as acquire state and it will start as a part of Swedens [[SOI]]. If Sweden is not a [[Great power]] and [[Schleswig]] will be left without a sphere, [[Denmark]] usually annex annexes [[Schleswig]] itself.
=== Denmark ===
==== Military Option ====
The harder option is to Declare a war of unification on [[Russia]] to acquire the northern [[Finland]] states. There are about 27,000 Soldiers scattered through far western Russia and Finland as well as 36,000 in St.Petersburg. Another 37,000 are stationed next to Austria. This is a very hard war as Sweden has a tiny population and thus a tiny army. Build forts and then wait until Russia is at war for this. Due to Swedens great literacy, it will have a modern army compared to the russian. This advantage will increase more and more as time goes. Repeat for Finland's other states.
==== Luck ====
== Further Ambitions ==
In order of easiness of an enemy, there There are [[Austria]], [[Prussia]] ([[NGF]]) and [[Russia]] right next to Sweden and you can get stronger by beating any of them. From Austria or Prussia Russia you can add more countries to your Sphere of Influenceby releasing them, while from Russia you can liberate Prussia annex parts of northern [[FinlandGermany]] and force free (satellites) the Baltic states. Allies are useful for such plans, as they are all of them more powerful than you, at least early on.Looking for opportunities and the right timing can greatly aid you in this. Sweden is in a relatively safe position, where .If one has invested in a strong navy , it can keep Prussia from landing troops in your lands southern Sweden. or with some luck and the right timing, you can lock the Prussian or Russian fleet out of the Baltic and easily blockade their ports.
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