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[[Finland]] next, this is the harder one. Sweden has cores in Finland if they did not chose the [[abandon Finland]] decision. [[abandon Finland]] will make Sweden lose its cores in exchange for 10 prestige.
'''Easy Option(a little bit cheaty)'''
The easiest option is to save your game. And on the country select screen load it and select Russia. Then as Russia, save and do the same again but play as Sweden (it may take a few readthroughs to understand), the same concept applies to easy wars declare war and propose peace. If you invade straight away there is no resistance but you can also draw them into your Sphere of Influence.
'''The extremely lucky option'''
If you are one is lucky a Finnish national revolution will succeed. You One need to be extremely lucky for this to happen and you one can do nothing to provoke it. The [[Russia]]n army will put the revolution to the ground if they are not occupied elsewhere. If it should happen, you One can then take your the swedish cores right after you enjoy have enjoyed the rare sight of an independent Finland.
== Further Ambitions ==

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