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Victoria 2 Wiki:Style

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== Overview ==
All players of the game are welcome to contribute to the wiki. This style guide provides guidance on how to make the best contributions. If these guidelines seem too difficult to follow (non-native speakers, etc.) -- don't let these stop you from contributing! It is more important that the wiki has contributions than having everything "done right", and once content is in the wiki, other contributors can participate by putting it into a better style.
== Writing Style ==
# ''Naming Articles:''
## Do not capitalise any words in the article name, except for words that are capitalised gramaticallygrammatically. Capitalise the first letter of the first word (wiki should do this automatically)
##* Correct article name: ''A statistical analysis of Japanese naval doctrines''
##* <font color="grey">Incorrect article name: ''A Statistical Analysis of Japanese Naval Doctrines''</font>