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The Left Bank

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'''The Left Bank''' is a [[decision]] available to {{flag|France}}. It is available if {{flag|Prussia}} exists and owns the to provinces Trier (In Rheinland) and Cologne (In Nordrhein). Prussia owns both provinces in the beginning of the game. Otherwise it requires that France has researched [[Ideological Thought]]. It cannot be taken if Prussia has formed {{flag|North German Federation}} or {{flag|Germany}}, so it must be used early in the game.
It reduces the [[relation]] with all states in {{flag|Germany}} by {{Red|100}}, gives {{Red|4}} [[infamy]] and {{Green|11}} [[prestige]] and gives an acquire state [[casus belli]] to France against {{flag|Prussia}}. The casus belli only lasts for 1 month, so war has to be declared immidiatelyimmediately.
It is part of the chain of decisions surrounding the [ Rhine crisis]. It leads to the Prussian decisions [[Die Wacht am Rhein]] and [[Niederwald Denkmal]]. The two decision will remove {{green|7}} [[infamy]] from Germany, but will not affect France directly, so one should not avoid taking the decision in fear of those two decisions.
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