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[[File:USCA screenshot.jpg|thumb|A picture the united USCA in 1836. It broke into Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador in 1841]]
'''Nicaragua''' is a nation in Central America, releasable by the {{flag|United States of Central America}}. It is located in central USCA bordering {{flag|Costa Rica}} to the South and {{flag|Honduras}} to the north. It is the second smallest of the USCA in terms of population at only 74.000, only Costa Rica is smaller. 97,4% is however the primary culture, Central American, and the rest are the not accepted Afro Caribeno.
Following the breakup of the USCA, Nicaragua, along with {{flag|Guatemala}}, {{flag|Costa Rica}}, {{flag|Honduras}} and {{flag|El Salvador}}, became an independent countries. It is already independent in the 1861 setting.
Nicaragua is pretty safe with no immidiate immediate threats because of the high cost of 22 [[infamy]] for annexing the country. That is especially true after they inevitably will be put in USA's [[sphere]].
All the five nations share the same primary culture, Central American, so the first steps of the strategy would actually be to try to conquer the other states of the former USCA. At some point or another all of the nations of USCA will be [[sphere]]d by the [[US]], and thus making conquest in the local area impossible. Starting with Costa Rica is the easiest choice, but it is also the least profitable. Promoting {{icon|clergymen}}[[clergymen]] is key to improve the bad [[literacy]] of the country.
Immidiately Immediately after being relesedreleased, Nicaragua can pass a [[political reform]], as [[liberal]]s controll control more than 50% of the [[upper house]]. It will boost [[immigration]] to Nicaragua, and is generally a good decision to do so. As more than half of the voting population is [[reactionary]] it will however change after a year, and then one can choose to remove a reform, which will of course hurt immigration then. Nicaragua produces mainly {{icon|coffee}}coffee, which is not good for industry, but it gives cash for Nicaraguas at best modest [[budget]]. It does however produce {{icon|fruit}}fruit in a single province, so a {{icon|wine}}[[factories|winery]] might be the best bet.
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