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*Claiming [[colonies]]
*Winning battles (bigger battles give more prestige)
*Winning wars: various [[Casus belli|war justifications ]] yield limited amounts of prestige*Enacting [[reforms]]*Researching [[culture and techs]], [[commerce techs ]] and [[medicine]] and triggering associated inventions before other nations (the first country to [[research]] a culture tech gets 100% of the allowed benefit, but the next one only gets 50%, the next one 33%, etc.)*Many [[events]] and [[decisions]]*As a [[Great Power]], backing the winning side in a [[crisis ]] (if it doesn't go to war).*With [[Patch 3.04]], backing the defender in a [[crisis ]] if no one backs the attacker.
====Losing prestige====
*Losing battles (the loser loses the same amount of prestige that the winner gains)
*Losing a war: failing to meet a war justification causes significant losses of prestige.
*Losing to [[rebels ]] through a revolution
*Changing [[technology school]]s
*Declining an ally's request for assistance
*Some [[events]]*As a [[Great Power]]:** Not taking an interest in a [[crisis]] on the same [[continent ]] as the country's capital
** Being on the losing side of a crisis (if it doesn't go to war)

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