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Victoria 2 Wiki:Style

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Removed notice about page size. That is best left to a case by case basis. Added bit about category names
##* Correct: '''Battleship''' as the article, '''BB''' as the #redirect page
##* <font color="grey">Incorrect: '''BB''' as the main article, '''Battleship''' as the #redirect page</font>
# ''Article Size:'' Generally, articles should be big enough that they comprehensively cover a single subject.
#* Minimum size: Any page created should have at least ~2,000 bytes of unique content.
#* Maximum size: Any page should be split after it goes over ~32,000 bytes. Please start a discussion on the article's Talk page how to split the article in the best, non-invasive way.
# ''Templates:'' Templates are created to help better organize content on the Wiki. See the [[:Category:Template]] full list of available templates.
# ''Categories:'' Always group articles into [[Special:Categories|categories]]. If you are unsure which category fits best, start a discussion on the talk page of the article. Category names should generally be plural, and capitalization follows the same rules as for articles
==Tagging an article==