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If one intends to form a country where ones puppet is needed, is it NOT enough to be the liege. The only way is putting it in one's sphere of influence.
Dominions are countries that are your same culture group and are your puppets. If you're Spain and you vassalize Portugal, Portugal becomes a dominion instead of a satellite. However if France vassalizes Portugal, they become a satellite. Dominions There are more deeply bound to no gameplay difference between the liege than Satellitestwo, and it is solely for flavour.
In [[HOD]], the overlord can take control of the puppet's troops.
In [[AHD]] ===China==={{Flag|China}} starts with its own special kind of satellites called substates. They act as very loyal puppets as long as China is an [[uncivilized nation]] and will be inherited after China [[Westernization|westernizes]]. They do not join wars that China enters as an ally, but and provide military access to both sides. E.g. if Japan attacks Korea, That is however not the case during the civil war between China will answer the call to arms but Manchuria will not join; both sides can move troops through Manchuriaand {{Flag|Heavenly Kingdom}}.
If a satellite becomes a [[Great Power]] it automatically breaks free of the mother country. A succesful revolt in either the liege or the puppet nation will also make the country free.

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