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Forming Scandinavia
=== Denmark ===
Including [[Denmark]] to Swedens Sphere of Influence is not hard. It is keeping [[Prussia]] or [[Austria]] from taking parts of [[Denmark]] that is hard. Prussia and Austria hold cores on Danish Schleswig-Holstein once they have researched [[Nationalism and Imperialism]]. Because of this, the AI for Prussia and Austria will attempt to take Schleswig-Holstein after the first few years of the game. This means that Scandinavia can be formed simply by sphering Denmark, without the need to fight a tough war with Prussia or Austria.
If one does not feel like it is cheating, one can release Norway and {{flag|Jan Mayen}} when one are a great power and just about to form [[Scandinavia]]. That way one can lose 10 infamy at the cost of 10 prestige.

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