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Party issues

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Benefits of import subsidies
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[[File:Jingoism.JPG|thumb|300px|An example of imperialistic Jingoism in 19th-century America.]]
'''Party issues''' are the different political positions held by the various in-game parties. There are a variety of different party issues, each one with unique positions. The party issues held by the ruling party affect game play gameplay a great deal, determining the degree of control the player can exercise over various facets of policy. Much effort is often expended by the player in pursuit of a specific party so that he may acquire a set of desired party issues.
[[Ideology]] greatly affects the stance of a party on the various issues, but individual parties may vary considerably from the ideological norm.
====Free Trade====
Free trade is a policy explicitly aimed at allowing a free flow of goods across borders without undue interference by government officials, laws, or taxes. Free trade restricts the maximum tariff to 25%, while allowing full import subsidies. Free trade doesn't really confer many in-game benefits to most players, but it can be useful in forcibly limiting a player's abuse of tariffs, and also confer psychological benefit to those of us that value free trade in reality. On the other hand, import subsidies can also be useful in allowing capitalists and artisans to access materials not made in the player's country, so it can be used to promote industry.
===Economic Policy===

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