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[[File:southern Scandinavia.jpg|thumb|Modern Norway and modern Sweden under swedish rule]]
'''Sweden''' is a [[secondary power]] in Scandinavia in northern [[Europe]]. It borders with [[{{flag|Russia]] }} and [[{{flag|Denmark]]}}.
Sweden controls both modern Sweden and modern [[Norway]].
It is a good nation a newcomer, as it has a decent military, a fantastic literacy and an early goal in forming [[{{flag|Scandinavia]]}}. One can ignore [[europe]]an politics and avoid trouble, or engage in them actively.
== Achieving Great Power ==
== Forming Scandinavia ==
Next in row is to form Scandinavia. For this Great power status is needed as well as an intact [[Denmark]] to be included in the [[Sphere of Influence]] (and [[{{flag|Schleswig]] }} and [[{{flag|Iceland]] }} if they are independent) or taken by might. The Diplomatic way is by far the easiest.
If Sweden intends to form [[Scandinavia]], but [[{{flag|Prussia]] }} or [[{{flag|Austria]] }} has taken [[Schleswig]] from [[Denmark]], it is useful to use the "free people" Casus belli on [[Schleswig]]. It does not cost as much infamy as acquire state and it will start as a part of Swedens [[SOI]]. If Sweden is not a [[Great power]] and [[Schleswig]] will be left without a sphere, [[Denmark]] usually annexes [[Schleswig]] itself.
=== Denmark ===
Including [[Denmark]] to Swedens Sphere of Influence is not hard. It is keeping [[Prussia]] or [[Austria]] from taking parts of [[Denmark]] that is hard. With Heart of Darkness, Prussia and Austria no longer hold cores on Danish Schleswig-Holstein before they have researched Nationalism and Imperialism. Because of this, the AI for Prussia and Austria will no longer attempt to take Schleswig-Holstein in the first few years of the game. This means that Scandinavia can be formed simply by sphering Denmark, without the need to fight a tough war with Prussia or Austria.
If one does not feel like it is cheating, one can release [[{{flag|Norway]] }} and [[{{flag|Jan Mayen]] }} when one are a great power and just about to form [[Scandinavia]]. That way one can lose 10 infamy at the cost of 10 prestige.
== Finland ==
[[{{flag|Finland]] }} next, this is the harder one. Sweden has cores in Finland if they did not chose the [[abandon Finland]] decision. [[abandon Finland]] will make Sweden lose its cores in exchange for 10 prestige.
Finland does not have a large population nor a good literacy (initial population:371.850). One should seriously consider if 10 prestige is more worth it.
Sweden can consider can start a [[crisis]] by using the increase tension national focus. This can be used on [[Russia]]'s provinces to start a [[crisis]]. If the 7 other will help Sweden, Russia can be forced to give up [[Finland]]. However, this must be done before Sweden is a Great Power.
[[Britain]]{{flag|United Kingdom}}, [[Prussia]] and [[Austria]] will likely back Sweden up, if [[Russia]] isn't too powerful.
== Further Ambitions ==
There are [[Austria]], [[Prussia]]([[NGF]]) and [[Russia]] right next to Sweden and One can get stronger by beating any of them.
From Austria or Russia one can add more countries to the Sphere of Influence by releasing them, while from Prussia annex parts of northern [[{{flag|Germany]]}}. Allies are useful for such plans, as they are all of them more powerful than Sweden, at least early on.
Looking for opportunities and the right timing can greatly aid in this.
Sweden is in a relatively safe position.
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