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|Literacy= 87%
|National Value= Order
|Tech School= ?Variable
|Status= Civilized Nation
'''Israel''' can only be released after [[the Balfour Declaration]] has been signed by a [[great power]]. The great power needs to have researched revolution Revolution and counterrevolution Counterrevolution and have Palestine under its control or in its sphere. Therefore a Jewish nation can only exist for a in-game period of about 60–70 years.
Israel will normally be annexed by [[Egypt]] or [[The Ottoman Empire]] as they both have cores on the Israeli lands and Israel cannot keep much of an army.
==Immigration - Uniting the Disapora==
Naturally, as an independent Jewish state, you'll want to attract the Jewish disapora. Problem is, you'll be competing with the United States and other American nations in terms of migration attractiveness. To this end, opt for political reforms boosting Immigration Attraction as well as population growth and education techs.
Beyond the Great Power that freed you, look for other allies within their sphere of influence that have a favourable opinion with you. Standing alone against either the Turks or Egyptians is ill-advised.
It is recommend to remain in a sphere of influence for easier industrialisation, due to the cheaper cost and more reliable access of industrial goods in the mid-game.
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