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Beginner's guide

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Choosing a nation
* [[China]]: With the Heart of Darkness addition of uncivilized nations gaining research points in conquering land after certain military reforms have been unlocked, China is now much more suited to a beginner's style of play than it was in A House Divided. China offers sub-states that will fight for them in wars (pre-westernization), the single largest land military in the world (post-westernization), and neighbors that are uncivilized but rich in valuable resources.
* [[Belgium]]: A really small nation in the middle of Europe, Belgium is a decent nation to learn how to play. It has only one natural enemy - the Netherlands -, which is quite easy to hold back if the player can work diplomacy well with the United Kingdom, who are well inclined to sphere Belgium. With this nation the inexperienced player can learn a bit about both naval and land combat, a lot about diplomacy (which will be very important to not be swallowed by the European Great Powers), and can even watch from a privileged seat the brutal fight between Prussia and France.
* [[Oranje]]: A small nation with not much potential, but a very forgiving one. There will not be any threats by surrounding nations and one can choose to attack [[Transvaal]], [[Zulu]] and [[Madagascar]]. Transvaal is almost the same as Oranje.
== General Overview ==

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