Southern Rhodesia

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Southern Rhodesia
Southern Rhodesia.png
Government type HM's Government
Ruling party Rhodesia Party
Capital Salisbury (Harare) (ID 2068)
Population 120.95 thousand
Primary culture British
Accepted cultures Boer
Literacy 10%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized Nation
Southern Rhodesia is uncolonized north of South Africa

Southern Rhodesia is one of the only civilized nations in Africa. It does however not exist, nor can it be released at the start of the game. It is along with Congo Congo Free State and Israel Israel the only country, that can only be created through decisions. It does not even have any cores in the beginning of the game. The country of Southern Rhodesia was historically formed through British colonisation of Africa.

Southern Rhodesia can be created only by United Kingdom United Kingdom through the decision, British South Africa Company. Great Britain has to colonize the area of Rhodesia that is equal to modern day Zimbabwe and thus make the decision available.

After the creation of Southern Rhodesia if a player chooses to play as it, there will be significant challenges if most of the surrounding territory is owned by any of the great powers or secondary powers. Transvaal Transvaal, Oranje Oranje and Zulu Zulu are the natural targets for conquest if they are still independent and not in a sphere. Otherwise Mozambique owned by Portugal Portugal or a particularly weak secondary power like Denmark Denmark or Belgium Belgium might be possible, although very risky.

One should seek out an alliance with UK, as Southern Rhodesia has no realistic way of challenging them anyway.