South German Federation

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South German Federation
South German Federation.png
Government type N/A
Ruling party N/A
Capital Varies (Munich, Stuttgart or Karlsruhe)
Population N/A
Primary culture South German
Accepted cultures
Literacy N/A
National value Order
Tech school N/A
Status Civilized
A picture of the fractioned Germany in 1836

The South German Federation can be formed by Austria Austria, Württemberg Württemberg, Bavaria Bavaria or Baden Baden. It is usually Austria who forms it and will later form into Germany Germany if it can take control or influence over the North German states including the powerful Prussia Prussia and conquer the French Alsace-Lorraine.

There are actually two different decisions, that can form South German Federation. Form South German Confederation, which is for Württemberg, Bavaria and Baden, and Form South German Confederation (Austrian), which is unique for Austria. The former transforms the decision-takers nation into South German Federation, while the latter unites Württemberg, Bavaria and Baden as a vassal under Austrian rule.

South German Federation is in all terms both smaller and less powerful than a potential North German Federation, and even Prussia alone.


The two decisions, The Walhalla and The Schwabing Circles of Bavaria, can also be taken by South German Federation even if it is formed by Württemberg or Baden.

Three Hurrahs for Germany

To form Germany one has to reduce Prussia to at least secondary power, using the Assert Hegemony and Humiliate casus bellis. It is easiest to start up with Assert Hegemony. If Prussia drops to secondary power before an assert hegemony war is started, the player has to influence all the German states one by one. South German Federation also has to win a war of unification against France France to take Alsace-Lorraine (Elsaß-Lothringen).

Formation through Warfare

As Bavaria, Baden or Württemberg it is also possible to form Germany by fabricating a conquest casus belli on one of the smaller North German countries that border Bavaria, Baden or Württemberg to prevent Prussia from forming the North German Federation North German Federation and therefore making it easier for them to drop to a secondary power. It must be noted that this strategy requires you to become a Great Power. By winning the war against Prussia, which will always join, and its allies you will be on the way to becoming a great power. Austria may take the region of Silesia from Prussia as an added war goal. If they are successful then Prussia will further drop as a power due to the loss of military and prestige ranking.

Formation through Revolution

It is also possible for you to rise to a great power during this war because of the early surplus of victory prestige. After this is done you will need to sphere the other two south German countries to form the south German federation. Again, note that you will have to acquire Prussian Württemberg to gain all south German cores necessary to form the SGF as well as achieve great power status. Once you have founded the SGF you will need to research nationalism and Imperialism so Pan-nationalist rebels will rise in the German countries. When the Pan-nationalists are successful there will be an event called "A Crown from the gutter" that will allow you to form Germany. Prussia always gets the event first, but it turns it down, unless the AI has a liberal government, so you will then get the event. The event gives you all German minors and secondary powers. If Prussia has stayed a secondary power at the time of the event then they too will be added to your new Germany, but Austria will not be added no matter what power it is.

Formation through Diplomacy

It is also possible to simply remove the influence of Prussia in all north German states, take them over by yourself, reducing Prussia to secondary power and sphering them. This takes a lot of time, and SGF will compete on two fronts with both Austria and Prussia. One does however still need to annex a province France, so one doesn't avoid warfare completely.

That is by far the most difficult route to form Germany.

If you choose to take the warmonger route then simply choose wars of unifications against France and Denmark Denmark to gain the cores and sphere all the Germans, Austria, Schleswig Schleswig and Luxembourg Luxembourg optional if possible.

South German is the primary culture and North German is the only accepted culture in South German Federation.