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Government type Absolute monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction (conservative)
Capital Sokoto
Population 1.35 mil.
Primary culture Hausa
Accepted cultures Tiv, Fulbe, African Minor
Religion Sunni.pngSunni
Literacy 2.1%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
Sokoto is entirely surrounded by uncolonized land

The independent Sokoto Caliphate arose in 1804 and grew into one of the most significant empires in Africa in the 1800s. They developed in the context of multiple, independent Hausa Kingdoms and created an empire which linked over 30 different emirates and over 10 million people.


Sokoto's primary goal is to westernize as soon as possible. A secondary goal could be to acquire a coastal border by conquest, however this puts them in a position of having disconnected territory that may not be able to be brought together without major military strength once the global powers start colonizing nearby provinces.

Until the 1870s (when the colonization rush starts) the territory is safe from the aggression of other powers, so it is possible to play peacefully and concentrate on maintaining and developing the country's literacy until westernization.

Initial position

Sokoto is a landlocked country with a working age population of 1.35m, 2.1% literacy rate, and a small army. Its main resources are Cattle.pngcattle, Grain.pnggrain and Fruit.pngfruit, although it does have a small Cotton.pngcotton growing area plus access to Coal.pngcoal.

Initial steps

To aid research it is important to promote clergymen firstly to 2% to maximize research, and then to 4% to maximize education. The budget should maximize education and taxes in order to encourage this. It is then a matter of deciding on an aggressive or peaceful strategy as they will dictate the rest of the movements the country needs to make.

Once you have reached 4% literacy rate is it is possible to take the "Annals of The Fulani Jihad" decision for a gain of 2 prestige.

Aggressive strategy tips

Sokoto have two requirements for their first expansion: firstly, the target must be accessible to their land forces. Secondly, they should have resources that Sokoto does not, namely iron. The primary target in this case would be Algeria Algeria, but must be taken early before they are either conquered themselves or are placed in the sphere of a major power, usually the French.

Once Algeria is acquired Sokoto have many options for further conquest once infamy has reduced sufficiently. Keeping an eye on Egypt, it is feasible to take some provinces from them as they often struggle with reactionaries that they cannot put down, thus falling out of the influence of the major powers and unable to maintain a significant military force. Ethiopia Ethiopia is another target but attrition will make this an extremely hard target if not impossible for Sokoto's forces. Oman Oman is an easy target but their African holdings are a significant distance away, however they are valuable particularly later in the game. Finally, Morocco Morocco is a viable target, although they do not have many useful resources, especially if Spain takes territory from them early on. Taza region holds precious metal which is always useful.

Peaceful strategy tips

A peaceful strategy is quite simple to play. To run a surplus it is a small matter to disband the army to reduce military maintenance to zero; it's also possible to stop investing and reduce the military slider also to zero. It is then a matter of waiting for westernization and establishing the country's goals once more options become available after westernization. It is useful to maintain good relations with all the major powers, hopefully being sphered to give access to more resources and trade.

It is feasible to play peacefully until westernization and then very aggressively afterwards, but Sokoto must have strong alliances to pursue this as well as making sure they maintain good relations with those powers who have colonized near their borders. Sokoto will find it difficult to expand outside of Africa without any coastal provinces.


Due to Sokoto's low literacy rate is it important to keep investing money and National Focuses in education. If Algeria has been annexed, Sokoto have the resources and manpower to create a mid-sized industry. If Sokoto has westernized around 1860, it is important to go straight for colonization techs (Medicine, Nationalism and Imperialism and Machine Guns). That way Sokoto can extend its borders to most of Central Africa. The Gold Coast is highly important as it holds most troops, resources of rubber and sea access, but the Europeans have small colonies nearby so it is hard to get some of it.

Sokoto has African Minor as accepted culture, which is quite an advantage is they are spread all over Africa from Tunis Tunis to Transvaal Transvaal. It means that virtually all colonized states can eventually be turned into proper states.