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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction (conservative)
Capital Ljubljana
Population 210.07 thousand, 840.30 thousand in total
Primary culture Slovene
Accepted cultures
Literacy 11.2 %
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized nation
The entire Yugoslavia is splitted among Austria and Ottoman Empire in 1836

Slovenia is a nation that can be released by Austria Austria. It controls only the state of Slovenia, but at least the population is relatively homogeneous and there is no contested cores besides Yugoslavia (which is a seldom sight in that part of Austria). When released it will be totally surrounded by Austrian controlled Croatia and the Austrian controlled parts of Serbia.

Slovenia can form Yugoslavia Yugoslavia, if it grows strong enough. To do so it needs to either sphere or conquer all cores of Croatia Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia Serbia and Montenegro Montenegro. Bulgaria Bulgaria is not needed, but can be included. Serbia is partly independent, partly owned by Austria and partly owned by Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire. Montenegro is partly independent, partly owned by the Ottomans. Bosnia-Herzegovina and Bulgaria is fully owned by the Ottomans.

Therefore, in order to form Yugoslavia, Slovenia has to go up against the two local great powers.


The most important choice for Slovenia is who to ally. Austria might be a good choice in the early game, but if the ambition is to form Yugoslavia, then the player has to go up against them at one point or another. But they might be useful to attack the Ottomans early on.

Russia Russia and Germany Germany are both good choices, if Slovenia wants to challenge Austria.

Initially Serbia and Montenegro are the obvious targets for the first war, as they are both needed for forming Yugoslavia and both are weaker or just as strong as Slovenia. Additionally they are without significant allies.