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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction
Capital Karachi (1288)
Population 1.23m
Primary culture Sindi
Accepted cultures
Literacy 2.0%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
Punjab and Sindh along with the British Raj in 1836

Sindh is a nation is northern India India.

Of all the Indian Minors Sindh may have the greatest potential to attain Great Power status. Not only is Sindh free from interference from United Kingdom United Kingdom but most of its neighbors are as well and should remain that way for a long while. Sindh also has a decent military for its size.

Kutch Kutch is a good target for immediate invasion but another possible objective is Makran Makran. Kutch will allow another division of troops to be built but Makran will not. Waiting for a Casus Bellis but is less certain than just taking the Infamy hit, either way one will end up waiting for several years.


Since Sindh starts with very few research points and only one state the main use for the National Focus should be promoting Clergymen mini.pngClergy though Soldiers mini.png Soldiers may also be a good use, sliding the Education slider to 100% may be in order as well. Tariffs and high taxes will compensate for most of the expense but one has to decrease the other budgets.

Initial targets of conquest

When Sindh is finally able to attack another nation Sindh will have four potential targets: Kalat Kalat, Panjab Panjab, Kutch and Makran. Panjab will have many more divisions than Sindh but is a good candidate for attack, the other good target is Kalat who will have only a few more divisions and is surrounded by independent nations (unlike Panjab), the remaining one province nation should be left for later. From here Sindh can go many different directions, however beware of Rebels as the uncivilised status will cause many unpleasant, but useful events like Western Presence, which will raise Militancy rapidly. Research boosts are very helpful and should be considered even if they raise militancy.

After either Kalat or Panjab has been absorbed into the wonderful Sindh empire several different options present themselves. If Panjab has been annexed then Makran, Kalat and Afghanistan Afghanistan are all options, Afghanistan is the toughest of the three if it hasn't lost any territory to its neighbors. Afghanistan is probably the best target in this case so Sindh can acquire the soldier pops. If Kalat was the last nation that was annexed then Makran, Panjab, Afghanistan and Persia Persia are available. Persia is without a doubt the best target if one has already taken Kalat because one can take states (and protectorates once Sindh have westernized) from it for a far lower Infamy score than just annexation. When westernized Sindh will likely become a secondary power, around 16th place and it will in all likelihood be the 1880s and one will be very behind in tech. By the time Sindh has westernized do not expect to be friends with any of the neighbors except Great Britain.

The rise to secondary power

If the west coast of Africa is still uncolonised one could colonise there before anyone else comes in there. Another option is destroying Persia and the other minor uncivilised powers around Sindh. Kalat or Panjab will likely have the greatest population of any of Sindh's states and so should be industrialized first.