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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction
Capital Tumlong (ID 1328)
Population 14.00 thousand
Primary culture Nepali
Accepted cultures
Literacy 1.0%
National value Order
Tech school N/A
Sikkim North of the British Raj and South of China in 1836

Sikkim is one of the smallest and most helpless nations in the game. It lies in the Himilayas next to Tibet Tibet (which is a puppet of China China), Bhutan Bhutan and Nepal Nepal. All of their neighbours are almost just as helpless as Sikkim. To the south lies India India which is almost entirely controlled by United Kingdom United Kingdom. Sikkim is regarded as one of the hardest nations to play do to the low literacy, very small population and the presence of United Kingdom.

Opening moves

Option 1: Annex Bhutan (at most 22 infamy)

Bhutan has an army your size but an alliance with Nepal should allow you take take Bhutan; allowing you to build another brigade

Option 2: Turning on Nepal (at most 22 infamy)

you will have enough units to possibly invade Nepal.

No matter which option one takes, one should fight defensively as the Himilayas will deplete the attacking armies beyond repair.

Moving Forward

After these conquests, you may just want to sit back and get Clergymen mini.pngclergymen to westernize and eventually fight Britain. To play Sikkim is a very challenging but can be an achievable goal; especially with mods.

Uniting India

In order for you to unite India, Sikkim will need to conquer or sphere all of the states with Indian cores. Sikkim will also need to release India from Britain because sphering them is almost impossible.

Conquering and sphering India will be difficult with Britain who will usually make it in the top 4 great powers.

The player should focus on being a sustainable country.

The player may also consider attacking any nation that has been recently removed from another Great Power's Sphere of Influence, at the usual cost of Infamy for attacking a Civilized nation without cause.

The release of India

Since it is unlikely that Britain will lose their great power status, releasing India is the most likely option for gaining all of India India. you may also see another country trying to dismantle their empire.

Rebuild the Mughal Empire and more

With all of India fully united, The Nation is now ready to take its place in the sun. From this point on there are many options to consider. The player may consider taking more of China, gaining access to its wealth of resources as well as the prestige an population possession. You may also go for Siam and Burma(if it still exists). War against Persia and Afghanistan will give you a border with the ottomans and Russians. You can also begin colonizing although you may be late and want to get The Dutch East Indies.