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Government type HM's Government
Ruling party Liberal Party
Capital Edinburgh
Population 618.99 thosuand
Primary culture British
Accepted cultures
Literacy 43.3%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized

Scotland is a nation in the northern half of United Kingdom United Kingdom. They are not independent at the start of the game and one must release them from the United Kingdom through the politics screen in order to play them.

Scotland has a very small population of only a few hundred thousand. Scotlands main resource is Coal.pngcoal, which it has a lot of. This is ideal for building Resource cement.pngcement and Resource glass.pngglass factories. However, one will need to use your only national focus on encouraging Craftsmen mini.pngcraftsmen to get workers in them new factories. At the start of the game it is very easy for Scotland to become 4th or 5th in industrial score. There is also the Sulphur.pngsulphur resource in the north of Scotland and the Wool.pngsheep resource to the east.

Scotland will have a small military because of its pop so take on small nations at the start. Denmark Denmark and Morocco Morocco are good as they are weak and you can get a bit of prestige. One can take some regions off them.

It is vital for Scotland that it keeps good relations with Great Britain. They are a threat anywhere in the world, but especially in their own backyard.

Scotland starts with the same techs as United Kingdom and a well educated population. It is not hard to get a lot of prestige from culture techs.