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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Zentrumspartei (conservative)
Capital Flensburg (ID 370)
Population 82 thousand
Primary culture Danish
Accepted cultures North German
Literacy 34%
National value Order
Tech school ?
Status Civilized nation
Schleswig in 1836 is part of Denmark and consists of the two southern provinces, Aabenraa and Flensburg.

Schleswig is placed in southern Denmark Denmark and starts as a part of it. It borders Denmark and Holstein Holstein, the puppet of Denmark. Prussia Prussia or Austria Austria have a habit of going to war for as it has German cores. It is not necessarily needed to form Germany Germany or North German Federation North German Federation, but it is infamy-free warfare for Prussia or Austria (and potentially other German minors).

An independent Schleswig will usually be annexed by Denmark or the German nations. Schleswig can't afford an army at all, and nothing stops the surrounding nations from taking back their land.

Schleswig has the decision to form Scandinavia Scandinavia This is indeed very hard for Schleswig, as it have to be a great power and influince Denmark and Sweden Sweden. Schleswig has a too small population to wield an army or start a real industry. It has a very low literacy for a Scandinavian country too. If they however succeed to form Sccandinavia, it will uniquely have North German as accepted culture as well as the usual Scandinavians.