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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Konservative Partei (Conservative)
Capital Gotha
Population 73.000
Primary culture North German
Accepted cultures South German
Literacy 70 %
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized

Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is a small state in central Germany Germany that is capable of uniting the country as the North German Federation North German Federation and eventually the German Empire. Not to be confused with the neighboring German minor states of Saxe-Meiningen Saxe-Meiningen and Saxe-Weimar Saxe-Weimar, it has both North German and South German as accepted cultures. Saxe-Coburg-Gotha starts in the sphere of Prussia Prussia with little prestige or industrial and military strength, and the immediate concern is to avoid being annexed by Prussia, therefore one must become a Great Power.

Initial situation

Becoming a Great Power

As a minor country with a small population in the European interior, expansion and development can be difficult. Its economy is also very poor at the beginning of the game. To become a great power one must have at least two states, and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is a one-state minor. Therefore, the conquest of another territory is necessary as soon as possible. Researching industrial techs early on in order to improve your income and encouraging clergymen is recommended in the meantime, and once Practical Steam Engine is researched to boost your income by a considerable amount, it is good to start building factory or two as you will have unemployed craftsmen and this will give you industrial points.

The nearby state of Krakow Krakow starts off in the sphere of influence of Austria Austria but usually becomes free of it early on as Russia Russia attempts to sphere it. Pay close attention to it and once Russia removes it from Austria's sphere, declare war (having gotten military access from Prussia, which borders Krakow) and take it over. Often at the beginning of the game Krakow won't even have any troops, and Austria will likely not defend it when it is no longer in its sphere even if they still remain allied, so the invasion should not be difficult.