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Government type N/A (1861: HM's Government)
Ruling party N/A (1861: Conservative)
Capital Bucharest (ID 664)
Population N/A (1861: 783.83 thousand)
Primary culture Romanian
Accepted cultures
Literacy N/A (1861: 20.6%)
National value Order
Tech school N/A (1861: Traditional Academia)
Status Civilized
A view of Wallachia and Moldovia which is the two nations that can form Romania

Romania is a formable country by Wallachia Wallachia and Moldavia Moldavia. It can be formed by one of the two decisions: Union of Moldavia and Wallachia! and Form Romania.

Both Wallachia and Moldovia are both puppets states of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire which makes it impossible to interact with other countries. They have to raise their position to be a Great Power or experience a revolution to break free from Ottoman rule. A revolution in Istanbul/Ankara will also give Wallachia and Moldavia their independence, but that is difficult if not outright impossible to provoke.

In the 1861 scenario Romania is an independent Nation but with many of its cores still in vile foreign hands.


Romania has cores on 3 different great powers: Austria Austria, Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire and Russia Russia. One will probably have to ally with one of them to help getting the cores backs from the other. Russia will be the most useful ally against the Ottoman Empire and Austria until you turn against them for Bessarabia.

When one have to face Russia, then Germany Germany will be the ideal ally. One can also ally with them straight from indepence, but they might have a difficult time versus The Ottoman Empire, as they cannot move through Austria.

One (relatively) easy way to become a Great Power is starting crises in your cores or encouraging Clergymen and researching Cultural technologies that grant shared prestige as soon as possible.