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Government type HM's Government
Ruling party Str. Narodowo-Demokratyczne
Capital Krakow (ID 703)
Population N/A
Primary culture Polish
Accepted cultures Lithuanian
Literacy N/A
National value Equality
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
Poland-Lithuanian Commonwealth ceased to exist when it was partitioned in 1771 by Prussia, Russia and Austria

The Poland-Lithuanian state was created in 1386 under a personal union when the crown of Lithuania Lithuania converted to Christianity under Jogaila and married Jadwiga of Poland Poland. This, coupled with Poland and Lithuania's wars against their common foe in the Teutonic Order, led them to formalise their union into the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In Victoria 2, Poland-Lithuania can be formed as a successor of the Commonwealth and will be fairly powerful upon formation.

It can be formed by either Poland, Krakow Krakow or Lithuania.


Poland itself has potential for a good economy: there is a sizable population for soldiers and craftsmen, as well as a few coal mines. The downside to all this:

  • Poland-Lithuania doesn't exist, so you would have to create it.
  • Poland doesn't exist, so you would have to create it before you could create Poland-Lithuania.
  • Even if Poland existed, it would be sandwiched between much more powerful nations, namely Austria Austria, Prussia Prussia (Or whatever bigger nation Prussia forms into) and Russia Russia.

On top of all that, the only nation that can form Poland is Krakow. Which is, to say the least, not powerful in the slightest. The best way to go about doing this would be to wait and bounce the three powers off each other. Wait for, say, Austria and Prussia to go to war. Then declare war on whoever is losing, and take a region. Then you can continue that until you have a sizable base for a military and industry.

Alternate Strategy

Unfortunately, Austria, Germany Germany, and Russia are hardly going to just let you take their regions without several wars. Since you own their cores, you can expect them to repeatedly declare war on you until you have a stronger military than them. And even still, they will declare war on you. You could also modify the game files to get rid of Russian, Austrian, and Prussian cores in the Polish regions. This will make the constant wars stop and the powers will be content and let you prosper. You can find the files needed to edit in the Victoria 2/history/provinces. Then, search for all the region names required to create Poland-Lithuania, and where it says "add_core Russia" (Or Germany or whatever) delete that line. Alternatively one can release Poland from Prussia or Lithuania from Russia. One will have a (slightly) bigger chance that way.