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Government type Presidential dictatorship
Ruling party Partido Nationalist (Reactionary)
Capital Lima
Population 411.450
Primary culture South Andean
Accepted cultures
Literacy 10%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
Peru in 1836

Peru is a Civilized Nation located on the western coast of South America. Despite being larger than Ecuador Ecuador, it's sometimes a target for Ecuadorian conquests. Peru has cores in Ecuadorian lands so if one can get an alliance with Brazil Brazil or Colombia Colombia, they can easily take them back.

If Bolivia Bolivian military is beaten by the Brazilian or Argentinian military, one can take a province or two. The region La Paz have over 200.000 pops and most of them are even the South Andean culture.

If one can turn into a democracy, one will get many immigrants, which will help greatly.


Peru starts running a small budget deficit, this can be quickly rectified by either increasing taxes or by reducing spending on the national stockpile, especially for the Navy, as this is significantly higher than it needs to be. One advantage of starting under a Reactionary, Presidential Dictatorship, is that it allows the player if they are in the position too, establish factories quite early.



Peru starts in 1836 with a standing army of just 9,000 soldiers in three Infantry Brigades, it is recommended to expand this force as quickly as possible, however this would require using the only national focus available to encourage more Soldier POPS, if the player wants to take advantage of the cores Peru has of Ecuador although the national focus may be better used to encourage clergymen to improve literacy.


Peru starts in 1836 with a weak navy of composed of just two frigates.