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Government type Presidential Dictatorship
Ruling party Autoritaristas (Reactionary)
Capital Asuncion (ID 2339)
Population 166.40 thousand
Primary culture Platinean
Accepted cultures Guarani
Literacy 10 %
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized
Paraguay in the center of South America

Paraguay is a small Civilized Nation located in South America. It borders Brazil Brazil, Bolivia Bolivia and Argentina Argentina. Brazil can prove to be quite a threat. It is allied with Uruguay Uruguay, but they are even weaker than Paraguay and will not be of much help. Despite its small size, Paraguay has the potential to become a strong regional power with patience and the right opportunities.

Paraguay's main RGO is Cattle.pngcattle with a little bit of Fruit.pngfruit and Timber.png. There is however the precious Tropical wood.pngtropical wood in the Bolivian provinces with Paraguayan cores.

Starting up

It is advisable to invest in an army to defend the country and possibly to make use of a national focus to encourage Soldiers mini.pngsoldiers to increase the size of the army.

First War

Paraguay's initial ally, Uruguay, is a decent target for the first war. It has a low population, but annexation would give Paraguay access to the sea. Given its low population, one should consider whether to conquer Uruguay outright for access to the sea and increased infamy, or to simply puppet it for a lower infamy cost. One needs access through Brazil or Argentina, but that should not prove a problem. Uruguay's army is tiny and should be dispatched with no problems.

Argentina and Bolivia

The next two obvious targets are Argentina and/or Bolivia. Hopefully, Brazil and Argentina attacked Bolivia, which should make them an easy target. One should attack whichever of the two appears weaker before turning on the other. It is advisable to end the war as quickly as possible as Paraguay does not have many troops and losing the army will be a massive setback.

Final Tips

Once Paraguay has some land to work with, and perhaps even access to the sea, there are many possibilities. The previous wars might even be enough to become a secondary power. The following are some useful tips:

  1. Against Brazil (the biggest threat of the continent) use the terrain and your forts to gain an advantage, the AI normally disperses their troops so you can fight them one by one.
  2. Try bringing a Great Power to your side through increasing relations, giving military access and so on. It will be useful in the mid-late game. USA USA is the nearest great power at the start.
  3. Don't reject alliances with other South American nations (except Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil, as are your targets). Peru Peru is an especially good choice. Do however avoid as they will usually be attacked by Brazil
  4. Annexing Uruguay gives Paraguay the chance to colonize South Georgia in the Atlantic, which can be used as a stepping stone to Africa.