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This page is about the nation of Panama. For the canal & how to form it, see Panama Canal.

Government type Democracy
Ruling party Partido Nationalist (Reactionary)
Capital Panama City (ID 2204)
Population 31.95K
Primary culture North Andean
Accepted cultures Central American
Literacy 10.1%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
A view of Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. Panama is under Colombian control

Panama is a country on the border between North America and South America. It did not exist in 1836. It can be released by Colombia Colombia or formed following a successful revolution within or war against it. It borders the former owners of Colombia and USCA USCA. A nation holding Panama in its sphere of influence may construct the Panama Canal. If this occurs, Panama will lose control of the province containing it, which would cut the nation in two. Panama can also build the canal if it raises to great power status before the others invent Iron Steamers, Medicine, Machine Tools and Cheap Iron.

To become a Great power Panama needs to own at least two provinces, which they don't in 1836. Therefore, to build the canal themselves and to prevent the country torn in half they need to conquer at least one other province.

Panama can form Gran Colombia Gran Colombia if it becomes great power and spheres Colombia, Venezuela Venezuela and Ecuador Ecuador. Very uniquely for Panama, if they form Gran Colombia, It will have Central American as an accepted culture. Therefore, after forming Gran Colombia, annexing USCA is the natural goal.