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Government type Presidential dictatorship
Ruling party Nationalist Partij (Reactionary)
Capital Bloemfontein (ID 2101)
Population 96.40K
Primary culture Boer
Accepted cultures
Religion Protestant.pngProtestant
Literacy 5.6 %
National value Liberty
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized
A view of Oranje and its neighbors

Oranje is one of the Boer states that immigrants from Netherlands Netherlands founded when they arrived in the 16th century. They are the only civilized nations in Africa. The area is now a part of modern South Africa South Africa. It borders Zulu Zulu, British South Africa, and its twin nation, Transvaal Transvaal. Portugal Portugal does also have a colony in nearby Mozambigue.

Oranje can take the decision Die Groot Trek which gives an immigration boost and makes Boers in British South Africa emigrate. The decision paves the way to the Zulu decision Attack The Laagers, which reduces Boer POPs in Durban (Natalia Natalia), so it might be a good idea to wait, until Zulu is annexed.

It also have the decision Orange River Convention, which outlaws slavery and gives better relations with United Kingdom United Kingdom.

Initial position

It has a few good things going for it. It's one of two Civilized countries on the continent with non-colonial states (the other being Oranjes northern neighbor Transvaal). It has coal and iron-producing provinces, which assist in industrialization. To the south is British South Africa, which will protect Oranje from Portugal should she decide to expand her domain. And the nearby uncivilized nations of Zulu and Madagascar provide easy conquests, soldiers, and raw materials to fund any colonization efforts. With time and effort, Oranje can turn into a Great Power, and be an unlikely contender in world politics.

However, it does have many crippling negatives. For one, the national culture, Boer, is a minority even in their own country, meaning one will not be getting a second national focus for a long, long time. So how to proceed?

Wars and Conquest

The conquest of Transvaal

The conquest of Transvaal is absolutely necessary for Oranje. It will more than double the population, it has more Boer POPs and it has valuable gold mines. One should beware not to do anything risky. If Oranje looses its army, it will be undefended for a very long time.

Transvaal will usually not attack anything on its own and the United Kingdom United Kingdom will not be aggressive either.

Other Targets

Zulu and/or Madagascar

Annexing Zulu and Madagascar Madagascar are necessary to give Oranje the soldiers to build up the military. While they have large armies, they are untrained Irregulars and can easily be defeated with three or so regiments. To reach Madagascar, one needs a fleet, so one needs to take Zulu (or alternatively Transvaal and Portuguese Mozambique) first in order to be able to build a fleet. Madagascar consists of 2 states, so one needs to demand a concession from them before it can be annexed. Both wars will cost maximum 16 infamy total, so by the time one has conquered Zulu and Madagascar Oranje will have an infamy of 25. One can use the meantime to build the military and start constructing factories in the motherland. One should be aware that UK is usually either spheres and annexes Zulu, so one might have to move fast. The same is true about Madagascar with the only difference that it is the French that might prove an obstacle. France France has decisions to first sphere Madagascar and later annex it.

Portuguese Mozambique

If it turns out the British have added the Zulu to their SOI, then another relatively easy way to expand is through Portuguese colonial territory. They have a habit of leaving it undefended. One can wait until Portugal are at war elsewhere, and time their attack right. Concentrate on taking small chunks at a time, as to not get the infamy level boosted past the limit, and have an invasion of British armies which would without a doubt be the end of Oranjes ambitions.

Arabian Peninsula, South East Asia or North India

After annexing Zulu one can build an army and a navy and choose from a specter of uncivs to attack. Civilized nations might still prove too strong to fight with. The Arabian Peninsula (with Omans colonies), Johore or Atjeh or Sindh and Panjab might be the place to look. One have to consider that the more uncivs Oranje annexes the less colonial points do they have to colonize Africa.

The Boer Wars

At some point around 1886–1887, gold will be discovered in Witwatersrand. This province is initially owned by Transvaal, but in a successful Oranje playthrough, they will most likely have overtaken it. Unlike for all other nations striking gold, this is not a happy event. The event Witwatersrand Gold Rush will happen to all great powers, which border Oranje. It will give them a free conquest casus belli, which simulates The Boer Wars. It is an existential threat to both Transvaal and Oranje.

Most likely United Kingdom will get a conquest casus belli, but any other great power, which manages to colonize Zambezi, Northern Cape or Botswana will get one as well.

The event to discover Gold can happen after 1886, and it has a MTTH of 12 months. Additionally the province will change name to the modern name Johannesburg after gold is discovered.

It can be prevented by either rising to great power status or having at least 10 provinces.


Oranje with its favorable position in Africa can colonize most of southern Africa without trouble. The problem is, that it is needed to be a secondary power, which can be quite hard. One does therefore need to prioritize Culture techs to give prestige as well as having annexed quite a bit of land, both to directly improve prestige as well as creating an army and navy to increase military score. One does also need sea access, which however can be obtained through the conquest of Zulu.

When 1870 comes around one needs to consider that UK will also take part in the scramble and it is therefore needed to block them of from colonizing from the south. Hopefully they start colonizing around Ghana instead of South Africa, which will make it easier to block them.

One does also need to look after Portugal to see, if there are a secondary power. That is however unlikely and usually one does not have to worry about them.