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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction (Conservative)
Capital Muscat (ID 1166)
Population 317.01K
Primary culture Bedouin
Literacy 9.4%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized

Oman is an Uncivilized Nation in on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is relatively strong for an Arabian nation and is all in all a fine candidate to forming Arabia Arabia.


Initial Positions

Oman has the benefit of having many provinces on the East coast of Africa. This also presents a problem as it borders colonies from Portugal and Portugal would like to expand. It starts off with two transport ships and three Irregular armies of 3,000 each. The economy is in the tank, literacy is low and the inventions are basic.


Westernization needs to be adressed as soon as possible and Oman has a low literacy, and therefore,  clergymen is highly needed. It is advised to set the national focus to encourage clergyman to increase the literacy rate and improve the dismal research. It is however not likely enough unless one have few ambitions and a good portion of patience.

Instead of prestige wars, one can trying to conquer provinces with a relatively high literacy.   Oranje and   Transvaal is the oblivious choice. Alternatively   Sindh or another nation in near Asia. Conquest in itself does also grant westernization progress regardless of the literacy rate of the annexed provinces.


Arabian Peninsula in 1836

A good way to build up prestige is to Humiliate the neighbors, Yemen, Nejd, Makran or Kutch are good choices. If one intends the form Arabia it is generally not advised to annex Arabian states, as it can be done later infamy-free.   Ethiopia however is an obvious, if not a little hard, choice for annexation.

An alternative to this is expansion. The population of Oman is low and its primary culture is not dominant.

Forming Arabia

Oman has, as an Arabian nation, the possibility to form Arabia. It is needed to be a great power and influence at least one of the other Arabian nation:   Nejd,   Hedjaz,   Egypt,   Morocco,   Algeria,   Tunis,   Abu Dhabi, Ottoman owned Iraq or Tripoli. The easiest way to raise to Great power status is to invade the neighbouring nations   Yemen, Nejd, Hedjaz, and Abu Dhabi for the prestige and its soldiers. Alternatively Ethiopia or   Sokoto could be targets for conquest.

Egypt is the largest Arabian nation and is therefore the best to influence. It is however also the target of other Great powers due to the Suez Canal and archaeological events.


If Oman civilizes in time, it can colonize a good part of Africa which should provide enough prestige to be a Great power. In theory it has one of the best geographic positions to colonize Africa out of any nation.