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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Konservative Partei (conservative)
Capital Oldenburg
Population 67.02 thousand
Primary culture North German
Accepted cultures
Literacy 80 %
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized nation

Oldenburg is one of the smaller German nations. It can form North German Federation North German Federation and Germany Germany if it rises to great power status. Oldenburg borders Hannover Hannover and Bremen Bremen and is in Prussia Prussia's sphere of influence. It will be annexed once Prussia takes the decision The North German Federation, so the entire game is a race against time. One has to get to secondary power so Oldenburg can take the decision Leave sphere of influence as well as get a good ally other than Germany. It has high literacy like all north German nations.

It is hard for Oldenburg to form Germany as it one of the smaller German nations, and one can not invade nations that have the same sphere leader, which is the case with every bordering nation except Hannover, which is in the United Kingdom United Kingdom's Sphere Of Influence.

Allying with Prussia for now and attacking Denmark Denmark to get some coastline, might be the best bet. One has to leave the alliance soon, but it is good for a start. Once secondary power is achieved, one has to look for the strongest ally one can get other than Germany. France France, Russia Russia or Austria Austria is the best choices, but even ones like Sweden Sweden is helpful.