North German Federation

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North German Federation
North German Federation.png
Government type N/A
Ruling party N/A
Capital Adopts the forming nation's capital. (Most likely Berlin (ID 549))
Population N/A
Primary culture North German
Accepted cultures
Religion Protestant.pngprotestant
Literacy N/A
National value Order
Tech school Military-Industrial Complex
Status Civilized
A picture of fractured Germany in 1836

The North German Federation (NGF) may be formed by Prussia Prussia or any nation with North German primary culture. It is usually the midway in forming Germany Germany. Even without its southern counterpart, it is one of the most powerful nations on Earth, and has a great potential for Industry. It has a southern (and weaker) counterpart in South German Federation South German Federation.


All of Prussias decisions can also be taken by North German Federation, but Hannover Hannover, Hesse-Darmstadt Hesse-Darmstadt and Lippe-Detmold Lippe-Detmold cannot. Other than those, they do not have any unique decisions.


The decision The North German Federation to form the NGF can be taken if

The decision annexes all sphered North German countries. Luxembourg and Schleswig (if it exists) are optional. Then the decision adds NGF cores on all owned German Empire cores, and finally changes the country to the NGF.

Prussia begins with all required countries in its sphere, except Holstein, Hannover (which is in United Kingdom United Kingdom's sphere, but will break free in a couple of years), and Saxony Saxony (which is in Austria Austria's sphere).

This is the first step along the path of German unification and the decision Three Hurrahs For Germany!‏‎. The North German Federation provides a vastly increased population base, more territory, and more factories. However, true unification as the German Empire lies in war with France France and influence over the south German states: Baden, Bavaria and Württemberg. Greater Germany can (in 99% of all playthroughs) only be formed with direct conflict with Austria. One needs influence over Austria; to do so, Austria needs to drop to at least a secondary power.


The strategy follows the strategy of Prussia. One has to go to war with France over Alsass-Lothringen and either by war or diplomacy. NGF should be able to take on both of these countries by its own might, but it might want to find allies in either Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire or Spain Spain.

Forming Germany, once NGF is formed, should be doable with or without allies.

Greater Germany

If one spheres Austria as well as the 3 other South German States, one can annex all of them. This can be done by completely wiping out Austria's army, occupy all land, wait until they drop to Secondary Power and then adding the war goal 'add to sphere'.

Alternatively, Austria can join Germany after its formation, but that requires a fully independent Hungary Hungary. Also, this method will not add German cores to Austrian territories.