New Zealand

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New Zealand
New Zealand.png
Government type HM's Government
Ruling party Conservative (Conservative)
Capital Wellington
Population 61.04 K
Primary culture British
Accepted cultures
Literacy 10.8
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized
A picture of British controlled Australia and New Zealand

The British controlled New Zealand is only in control of half of the modern New Zealand. The rest is open for colonization. New Zealand is placed in the very corner of the world which removes all natural enemies. New Zealand will only experience as many wars as it wishes.

New Zealand only produces Wool.pngwool and Cattle.pngcattle which frankly is not very good.

Due to its position in Oceania it will get a 10% modifier to immigrant attraction and assimilation.

If New Zealand can get to secondary power, it can colonize the rest of the island and later the islands in the Pacific Ocean. The southern island have a life rating of 30 which means that only Medicine is needed to colonize the area. Most of the pacific islands have a life rating of 15 which means one have to wait until around 1870. It might be a good idea to research Romanticism right after medicine to hopefully get a prestige boost to secondary power.

If one intends to play as New Zealand, one can release Australia Australia from United Kingdom before releasing New Zealand, to get someone who could at least look like an enemy. One should however prepare for a game without war for the first 30-40 years.

Potential targets

One will most likely have very good relations with United Kingdom United Kingdom, so an alliance with them might help to attack some smaller nations. South East Asia is the most obvious choice as well as Hawaii Hawaii