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New Nations Mod
Major Overhaul
Rylock and team
2.3, development concluded
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New Nations Mod (NNM) is a mod developed by Rylock and several others for A House Divided and later Heart of Darkness. It adds a large number of pre-existing and potential nations, as well as a multitude of historical events and other small changes. NNM was originally started as an alternative to Pop Demand Mod that did not include the changes in fundamental game mechanics, but still had many of the historical additions.


New Nations

NNM adds a total of 220 nations, covering every continent. The most numerous additions are in Africa and Europe. Some are present at the start of the game, for example in Japan, which is now split into several daimyos. Others are releasable and more still are formable by union, for example Arabia and Yugoslavia. Some new cultures are also added.


NNM adds several events and event chains, some of the most prominent being:

  • Second American Civil War
  • French Revolution of 1848 and rise of Napoleon III
  • The Berlin Congress
  • A number of internal and external Chinese wars
  • Crimean War and War of Romanian Independence
  • The Great Game
  • General irredentist events

Total Wars

NNM includes Rylock's own Total War (previously Great Wars) minimod. This improves the great war mechanics of AHD, and creates more plausible dismantlement treaties for some of the largest nations.

Other Changes

NNM makes changes to the national core system, including adding "dynamic cores" that can spread based on local populations. It modifies the national value system, improves the starting scenarios and adds "patriot rebels."