New England

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New England
New England.png
Government type Democracy
Ruling party Liberal
Capital Boston (ID 243)
Population 505.65 k
Primary culture Yankee
Accepted cultures Dixie
Literacy 48%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized Nation

New England is a relatively small, releasable nation in the Northeastern USA USA. It consists of the modern-day states of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

It borders the United States to the west, and British Canada Canada to the north. When released, it contains the regions of New England and Massachusetts. The primary culture is Yankee, with Dixie as an accepted culture. They are surrounded by two behemoths that can pose an existential danger.

They can alternatively be released by United Kingdom, but then they only control the single province of Caribou.

New England released from USA 1.1.1836. One province is still owned by UK

Starting Out

Being released from the United States means one starts off with their better technologies, meaning one gets a slight advantage on naval technology, among other things. It also means New England will start off as a Democracy in the New World, which also liberalizes quickly, meaning New England will get more than its fair share of immigrants. However, since the Federalist (Liberal) Party will dominate the Upper House for most of the game capitalists might be needed in both New England and Massachusetts. One can use National Focuses to Encourage Capitalists in the two regions. This will pay off later on, as the economy will take care of itself. It might be good to keep the taxes low on Capitalists and get the income from taxing the lower classes

It can be a good idea to pick Romanticism as the first tech, for two reasons. The three inventions that is available from Romanticism give a total of 15 prestige, which can bring New England towards Secondary Power status. The second reason is to enact the 'Miskatonic University' decision. This is a decision unique to New England, and it gives a 10% Research Points modifier, as well as an Easter egg in reference to the settings of H.P. Lovecraft. To enact this decision, one must have discovered Romanticist Literature, which can only be discovered through Romanticism.

Militaristic possibilities

The first territorial conquest, one can try Denmark Denmark. Prussia Prussia likes to attack the almost completely defenseless Danes for Schleswig Schleswig, and sometimes takes the entire Danish mainland too. One can take Danish West Indies from them, Since Prussia has taken care of the Danish army. One does however need a fleet to invade the Caribbean islands, but it is anyway advisable to invest in a fleet.

The tobacco money earned from Saint Thomas will help sustain the economy, and New England does now have a foothold as well as a naval landing point in the Caribbean and Latin America.

After the conquest of Saint Thomas, focus on acquiring more Capitalists mini.pngCapitalists and Clergymen mini.pngClergy (New Englands literacy isn't bad, but more research points are always good). One will be very dependent on Capitalists when it comes to industry. New England will receive a lot of immigrants, which can be beneficial for training armies and building industry.

As for international relations, it is advised not to provoke the United States. New England has the potential to become strong, but in the beginning, the American military can crush the New English like an ant. The same goes for the United Kingdom. Although the United Kingdom United Kingdom never puts her full weight down on any foreign war, the British still have superior naval power, and can blockade New England quite easily. The Other Great powers usually don't have a lot of business in North America, so one can live without paying attention to them.

The American Civil War

When the American Civil War breaks out, this will be of much importance to New England, as it will give the opportunity to acquire a high-populated, at least somewhat industrialized state with POP's of New Englands main and accepted cultures. Because the Confederate States of America Confederate States of America typically forms weak, and because their troops will be occupied fighting the Union, one can declare war on the CSA for one of their provinces. Hopefully one will have built up a respectable army and navy by now, so landing troops in Charleston or Savannah shouldn't be a problem.

One does however need to be quick because the war gets a lot harder when the American Civil War ends.

Post-Civil War

After the ACW ends (and hopefully New England have taken some land from CSA), there are still plenty of opportunities for New England. If one manages to reach Great Power status, then New England can build the Suez Canal, (One can choose to take Suez diplomatically, by sphering Egypt, or militarily, by demanding a concession of Dumyat Region) and then colonization of Africa is a possibility. If the CSA survived the war, then they can be targeted again. Texas and Louisiana are good choices because they offer Resource oil.pngOil and Sulphur.pngSulphur, respectively. Other states have with large quantities of Cotton.pngcotton and Tobacco.pngtobacco. Be sure to keep very good relations with the U.S., because they will attack to recapture those states as they have cores on them.

One can also try ones luck against an independent Canada Canada.

Gamey solutions

NOTE: Before releasing New England as the U.S., play as the United Kingdom first and enact the Webster-Ashburton Treaty, which cedes the province of Caribou to the United States. This is to make sure that when New England is released, the region won't be called 'New English New England.' Also, if one choses to release New England before enacting the treaty, then Caribou will still be ceded to the USA once United Kingdom enacts the decision. Alternatively a crisis can be used to take caribou.