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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction
Capital Kathmandu
Population 245.60k
Primary culture Nepali
Accepted cultures Tibetan.
Literacy 2.6%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
Nepal North of the British Raj and South of China in 1836

Nepal is an uncivilized nation in South Asia, between Chinese controlled Tibet Tibet and British India India . Despite being landlocked and right next to the imposing British leviathan, Nepal has a fair amount of potential to become a major Asian player. It takes diplomatic skill, and a fair bit of luck.

First things first, it's easy for Nepal to conquer its neighbour Sikkim Sikkim, with its much smaller army, as a stepping stone to Bhutan Bhutan. When one has conquered both the starting province will be complete and one have increased the accepted population by quite a bit.

One should at all times make sure to keep good relations with United Kingdom United Kingdom Conquering Sikkim and Bhutan will encourage Britain to build influence with Nepal. After conquering Sikkim and Bhutan, one can look to Burma Burma or Sindh Sindh for the next targets.

If Nepal is extremely lucky a successful revolution will occur in Tibet which will throw out the Chinese rule leaving Tibet open for invasion.

Another way to succeed is to benefit from diplomacy. Nepal can first focus on modernizing as soon as possible (in HoD can be accelerated by taking the research points of Sikkim and Bhutan). Once westernization is complete and Nepal are in the British sphere (it will most likely happen), one can ally UK, which should make it possible to attack most nations in the local area.