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National focus, often shortened as NF, is a way to promote certain things in a region. The amount of NFs a country can use is determined by the amount of people that are of the primary culture. But it has a maximum determined by the political thought technology.

A NF affects the entire region, but certain types of NFs (e.g. Encourage Clergymen) may have differing effects on each province in that region. For example, the percentage of Clergymen in one province may increase more rapidly than in another province, due to promotion factors including (but not limited to) population count and literacy; the percentage given on the side menu is the regional average, and may not be equal in all provinces in that region. Other types of NFs (e.g. Party Loyalty) affect the entire region equally.

Here is a guide how to use the national focus on changing the population through promotion: National focus and population guide

Number of National Focus points

How the amount of primary culture population relates to the amount of NFs is defined in Victoria II/common/defines.lua. Inside the file there is NATIONAL_FOCUS_DIVIDER, which is 400000.0 in an unmodded game. This means that every 400000 primary culture people gives 1 NF.

Every country starts with 1 NF max and each level of political thought technology increases this by 1. The maximum number of NFs therefore is 7.

National Focus Types

There are 30 different NFs. All of them are listed in Victoria II/common/national_focus.txt along with their effects.

National Focus Effect type Effect
Encourage Railroads Likeliness of capitalists to build railroads +50%
Encourage Immigration Attractiveness for immigrants +20%
Increase Tension[1] Flashpoint Tension +0.15
Encourage Aristocrats Likeliness for promotion +10%
Encourage Artisans Likeliness for promotion +10%
Encourage Bureaucrats Likeliness for promotion +10%
Encourage Capitalists Likeliness for promotion +10%
Encourage Clergymen Likeliness for promotion +10%
Encourage Clerks Likeliness for promotion +10%
Encourage Craftsmen Likeliness for promotion +10%
Encourage Farmers Likeliness for promotion +10%
Encourage Labourers Likeliness for promotion +10%
Encourage Officers Likeliness for promotion +10%
Encourage Soldiers Likeliness for promotion +10%
Automotive Industry Likeliness for capitalists to build Automobile, Tank and Aeroplane factories +18.3
Electrical Industry Likeliness for capitalists to build Electrical Gear, Telephone and Radio factories +18.3
Chemical Industry Likeliness for capitalists to build Fuel and Oil factories +18.3
Shipping Industry Likeliness for capitalists to build Steamer and Clipper Convoy factories +18.3
Textile Industry Likeliness for capitalists to build Dye, Fabric, Clothes and Luxury Clothes factories +18.3
Wood Industry Likeliness for capitalists to build Lumber, Furniture, Luxury Furniture and Paper factories +18.3
Basic Industry Likeliness for capitalists to build Cement, Steel and Machine Parts factories +18.3
Armaments Industry Likeliness for capitalists to build Artillery, Small Arms, Explosive, Ammunition and Fertilizer factories +18.3
Consumer Industry Likeliness for capitalists to build Liquor, Wine and Glass factories +18.3
Fascist Party loyalty +0.001
Reactionary Party loyalty +0.001
Conservative Party loyalty +0.001
Socialist Party loyalty +0.001
Communist Party loyalty +0.001
Liberal Party loyalty +0.001
Anarcho Liberal Party loyalty +0.001
  1. HoD only. Must not be a Great Power, and can only use on foreign territory that has your cores.