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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Konservative Partei (Conservative)
Capital Wiesbaden
Population 100.590
Primary culture North German
Accepted cultures South German
Literacy 70 %
National value Order
Tech school Traditional Academia
Status Civilized

Nassau is a north German minor cabable of forming North German Federation North German Federation and Germany Germany. It is placed between Frankfurt Frankfurt, Hesse-Darmstadt Hesse-Darmstadt and Nordhein-Westfalen. In 1836 it is placed in Prussia Prussias sphere of influence. It has both south and north German as accepted cultures.

It will be annexed by Prussia, once they form NGF, and thus like any other North German Minor, the first task is to get out of Prussias sphere. Doing so is however very difficult. Allying with Prussia for now and attacking anything is the best bet. Then when secondary power is achieved, one has to find another great power ally like France France or Russia Russia.