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Major Overhaul
simsulla and others
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New World Order NWO by simsulla

This wiki mirrors the original at: GitHub wiki

NWO is a Victoria 2 (Heart of Darkness) mod for strategy game play throughout the Cold War era and the post Soviet fall New World Order of our present day. The mod strives to realistically model the world we live in and the forces forming it.

Major forces shaping history in the period stretching from 1946 to 2092.

Decolonization - Devolution: End of colonialism and the breakup or nation states based on ethnic communities Globalization: International organization potentially forming unitarian super states like the European Unions. POP's is power, the rise of the populous asian nations vs. demographic collapse in initially Europe and Japan.

Prerequisites: Victoria 2 Heart of Darkness 3.03 or 3.04

NWO wiki in other languages:中文中文, EspañolEspañol, PortuguêsPortuguês


New World Order - 1946, 1992:

New World Order NWO


Report bugs and request functionality as github Issues. Or by commenting on the this Reddit post.

Start Dates

Did mod features game play from 1946 to 2092. There to start dates 1946 and 1992.

NWO Start dates evw.png

East vs West Start Date 1946

Playing the Cold War and decolonization. Germany is divided between the victors of World War 2; The United States, the Soviet Union, the UK, and France. In southern Europe the communists struggle for power. Italy is balancing between Communism and the Western Democratic form of government. In Greece a civil war is raging with communists in the north and government control in the south. Eastern Europe is under Soviet control. In Asia, Iran is struggling to regain control over the northern part of the country. China is engulfed in the Chinese Civil War between the nationalists, the KMT, and the communists, the CPC. Manchuria is Occupied by the Soviet Union and Korea is divided between the United States and the Russians. Japan is under American domination. The Vietminh have rebelled against their French colonial overlords. And in South East Asia the Dutch are struggling to maintain control over their empire. The British still rule their colonial realm, but Indian independence is around the corner. Besides South Africa, the African continent is still under colonial rule. Most of the Americas are in the US sphere of influence as well as large parts of Europe and the Middle East. In Central Asia and Eastern Europe the Soviets dominate. In Europe millions of people are on the move. Refugees returning home, or leaving their ruined homes to make a new life for themselves. East Germans attempting to flee to the west, and Poles, Ukrainians, Belorussians exchanged across new postwar borders. In Palestine, Jewish Zionists are working to establish a Jewish state. This is the American Century.

NWO Start dates 1946 europe.png NWO Start dates 1946 asia.png

NWO Start dates nwo.png

New World Order Start Date 1992

The second start date 1992 The New World Order, features history from the collapse of the Eastern bloc. In the beginning it appears as if the United States is the sole remaining super-power but in the east the populous nation are on the rise, China and India are waiting to assume the prime role in the world once their economies grow to their full potential. This is a time of globalization. Nations join what initially are trade blocks, and eventually in some cases large centralized union states like the European Union, the South American Union and the African Union. The rise of political Islam looms around the corner.

NWO Start dates 1992 europe.png

Military System

Military units have been upgraded to reflect modern warfare.

Army and Naval Units:

NWO Sample unit strip.png

Navy System

There is a balance in-between long range heavy ships like carriers, and smaller torpedo ships like submarines, that are cheaper and may inflict massive damage on the large ships. Larger ships needs smaller vessels as screening units to protect them.

NWO Navy units.png

Carrier Battle Group

  • 1 carrier
  • 2 cruiser
  • 2 destroyer
  • 2 frigate
  • 1 submarine
  • 2 transport

Army System

The Battle Field


Two armies facing each-other in Victoria 2 are placed in two lines. 1:st line directly engaging enemy troops. 2:nd line providing support. As your first line troops gets destroyed, they are refilled by second line troops.


Width is the number of regiments that can be placed besides each other. In Vic2 widest possible is 30 regiments. The width is reduced depending on terrain. As illustrated below

NWO Battle.png


A unit engage units immediately in-front of them. If you are unable to fill the full width of the battle field; at the edge of your 1:st line your troops are exposed to flank attack by mobile units. See figure above.

Battle Abilities

In core Victoria 2 army units have the principal properties

  1. Attack/defence
  2. Range - ability as 2:nd line regiment engage the enemy.
  3. Mobility - ability to flank attack exposed enemy flank troops.

Army Units

There are two principal types of units. Support units (air and artillery) that are second line, weak in defense but with firepower and range being able to engage the enemy protected in the second line. And first line troops with better defense.

NWO Army units.png

You needs to keep reserves to fill your first line as troops get depleted in battle. The number of units engaged in a battle depends on the battle width. In a wide battle a total of 60 regiments(12 div) may be engaged at one time. If the battlefield is wide, and you do not have enough troops to cover the full front-line, you risk exposing second line troops to first line attack, and also opens flanking maneuver by your enemy. Motorized units have the ability to attack multiple facing tiles. As the game progresses units with both defense and mobility becomes available.


A Division is a balanced group of 5 regiments with regards to attack/defence, range and mobility;


  • 4 regiments = regiments tank 50% / mech 50%
  • 1 artillery regiment

Aviation Division

  • 4 regiments
  • 1 motorized_infantry regiment

An Army expected to fight narrow battles need only be 4 div larg. An Army expected to fight wide battles needs to be 12 div large.

The Atomic Bomb

In NWO being a “nuclear power” means having the full deterrent capability.

Becoming a nuclear power is a process in several steps.

Country has tech knowledge to make the bomb. Tech: cold war Country has the invention atomic bomb. Invention: the atomic bomb Once you have the invention, you may either join the non_proliferation_treaty (signed 1968), or reject it. Secondary and GP ai countries may reject the non_proliferation_treaty, depending in jingoism support in the nation. Non allied GP’s will reject it. If you rejected the non proliferation treaty, you may by decision start to develop the bomb if you are at least a secondary power. country modifier: and flag develop_atomic_bomb. It takes c.15 years to develop it. Once you have developed the bomb, you may by decision make it: Country modifier: has_the_atomic_bomb If you become a GP, you may decide to become a nuclear_power.

NWO Nukes.png

Real world 1992

Nuclear Powers - with mutual destruction capability, the nuclear triad - Country modifier: nuclear_power * US * Russia * China * France * UK

Atomic bomb nations - Country modifier: has_the_atomic_bomb * India * Israel * (South Africa)

Real world 1946

Atomic bomb nations - Country modifier: has_the_atomic_bomb * US

Effects of having the Atomic bomb has_the_atomic_bomb: If you are at war with a neighboring country and more then a percentage of your provinces is occupied you may use the bomb. This is an reoccurring event that will cause critical disarray among your enemies troops.

NWO Has the atomic bomb.png

nuclear_power: If you are at war with any nation and more then a percentage of your provinces is occupied you may force status quo peace with all countries you are at war with. In case of US, China and Russia, this protection will extend to any allied nation (i.e. member of NATO, ANZUS, Warsaw Pact…).

NWO Nuclear peace.png

Military Alliances

There are two types of military pacts in NWO.

Defense union: which is part of the trade block globalization, without direct military consequence. The capital province gets the modifier: defence_union

NWO Defence union.png

Military Alliance: Military Alliances are in most cases continent bound - listed below. In order to be part of an alliance you need to be a GP or in a sphere of interest of a GP. A sphere member joining an alliance is by decision. A GP forming, joining or leaving an alliance is by event.

Military Alliances:

  • NATO: Europe+Canada+US (democratic)
  • Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance: North,South America+US (democratic)
  • Warsaw Pact: Europe+Soviet (proletarian dictatorship)
  • CSTO: Russia+non GP neighbors (any, not proletarian dictatorship)
  • ANZUS: Oceania+US (democratic)
  • SCO: Asia+Russia+China (any)

NWO Alliances nato.png

The military protection of an alliance is the generic protection of being in a sphere. Or in case of two GP’s by the direct alliance formed, by event.

Casus Belli

There are several nation that has static border conflicts of minor territories. These tensions leads to a permanent state of potential military confrontation. The decision International Court of Justice removes the casus belli and facilitates better neighborly relations.

NWO International court of justice.png


There are two The Decolonization chain sets:

Static chain

Individual country event following real history pathway of devolution.

Dynamic chain

This Decolonization chain of events starts with a general discontent by non primary/accepted cultures - similar to vanilla Victoria 2 nationalist movement chain, only that in NWO that chain has been extended to include colonial provinces and vassal nations - where being colonial significantly strengthens the decolonization drive. Consciousness and militancy makes colonial or other non-core provinces more likely to demand autonomy

  • Demand Autonomy

The colonial authorities can then either deny or promise autonomy. If autonomy was promised the issue will come up again, when subjects demand fulfillment of that promise.

  • Separatists demands freedom

NWO Decolonization promises.png

As colonial master you may now, step back on your promise, or for fill it giving the colonial nation independence. If the province is colonial and has been denied independence, the discontent will turn into colonial unrest.

  • Colonial unrest in province..

Once again you will be given the option to make promises or just out right deny the demands. The colonial unrest spread to neighboring provinces as well - including provinces of other nations. Unless you for fill the promises, it will eventual turn into colonial unrest with dire economic consequences. Now only military confrontation remains - and the subjects will revolt! When a colonial_unrest is controlled by Rebels, you may once again enter into negotiations - for self-rule. If you opt for self rule the country will be released as a vassal in your realm.

NWO Decolonization independance.png

Debt extortion

If a colonial power (UK, Netherlands, France and Belgium) gets to the point of losing some control to rebels, the US will get involved. The US has large WW2 direct and indirect debt demands on those nations, and is given the decision to demand immediate repayment. If the colonial nation can't cough up 1 mil gold, they will go bankrupt. Once in bankruptcy any colonial province with colonial_unrest lost to Rebels will force you to release them.

As a colonial power you can counter this by paying of the debt forhand.

NWO Decolonization war debt.png

Dissolution of the Eastern Bloc

There are three mechanism for ending the eastern block:

  1. Soviet goes bankrupt
  2. Weakening the Eastern bloc by the Soviet communist regimes falling and the Soviet losing in confrontation with the west. Measured by the counter: soviet_control_cee
  3. Militancy 8+

Several events will make the soviet block weaker. Eventually it may collapse due to internal weakness. Events that might weaken the Soviet union are:

  • Any communist county leaves the eastern block (any county becoming communist strengths it).
  • Soviet fails to establish communist regimes in Greece and Italy in the aftermath of WW2.
  • Germany is divided.\n- Soviet/East Germany fails to gain control over Berlin in the Berlin Crisis
  • Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Hungary manages to break out of Soviet sphere of vassals in the Stalin-Tiot split, Prague Spring / Hungarian Revolution
  • Soviet fails in asserting there position in the Cuban missile crisis.
  • South Korea remains free.
  • Soviet is unable to crush the Solidarity moment in Poland.

The decision Dissolution of the Eastern Bloc displays the current level of soviet_control_cee:

NWO Dissolution of the eastern bloc.png

These are the events for the Fall of the USSR

Losing soviet_control_cee results in the event: "Structural Weaknesses of the Eastern Bloc". Which triggers the appointment of Mikhail Gorbachev.

NWO Dissolution of the eastern bloc perestroika.png

Also the USSR going bankrupt will trigger the appointment of Mikhail Gorbachev. Gorbachev leads to increasing millitancy which eventually triggers "Regime bends under dissent". Also High militancy of other reasons will results in the event: "Regime bends under dissent"

NWO Dissolution of the eastern bloc structural weaknesses.png

The "Regime bends under dissent" will set the flag autumn_of_nations, that sets in motion the democratization in eastern europe, and eventual dissolution of USSR. As USSR you may try and stem this development by supporting the "August Coup".

The Fall of USSR is finalized with the Belavezha Accords.

NWO Dissolution of the eastern bloc free.png


Globalization is the process in a new democratic globalized world of diminish of the (culture based) national state. Whereupon countries gives ups their sovereignty in a series of steps - listed below, ending up as part of a superstate. The pathway to a union starts with the ambition to join a trade community. Once you are part of the trade block, integration continues, towards the ultimate goal of a union.


An Open Market

A sovereign non aligned nation starts by having an ambition to enter a into a mutually beneficial trade relation with a economically and for most politic ideological close democratic nations in a potential trade block. This is an election events where parts of the liberal political establishment express this free trade vision. [trade_block_ambition]

A nation with such trade_block_ambition may then decide to realize this ambition to join a specific trade block, by initiating negotiations for a closer cooperation with potential partners. [xxx_ambition].


You can find out the prerequisites for various steps by placing the pointer on the question singe of each decision



Once you have an an open market and ambition to form a trade block you may embark on aching the prerequisites for strengthening the union. Time till next ambitious plan may be proposed in the pathway to a union depends on level of technology and reforms.

These are the decisions that may be taken:

  1. Single Market
  2. Currency Union
  3. Political pact
  4. Defense pact

Possible decisions and prerequisites are visible in the decisions tab.

decisions form a union

What level different nations has reached in the pathway to the union is visible in the diplomacy window, and as modifiers visible in the capital province of the nation.

progress to form a union

part of a union

Key decisions

  • Currency Union, the country modifier xxx_currency_union, the chairmanship at the introduction of the Currency Union will in effect hold a permanent chairmanship - by the localisation of the central bank in the country's financial capital. Even thou on the surface the chairmanship is circulated among the members.
  • Political pact, with the political pact all nations gets the union tag as core.
  • The defense pact is the last step

Some superstates requires a democratic government, some allows for authoritarian rule.



Politics revolves around two big desires among pops - the desire for security (social reforms - catered for primarily by socialists) and the desire for freedom (political reform - catered for primarily by liberals), the industrialization and change of population structures drives the pop opinion in a reform direction. Rural populations (framers and aristocrats) in general tend do resist change (catered for by reactionaries, and to some extent conservatives). In the beginning of the game, Conservative forces rules and the principal action is to resist or delay reform. If reformed are not preformed, extreme movements (like communists, fascists or anarchists) will push through the agenda.

These underlying desires among pops continue in the modern age of NWO but the political response has matured, from resistance to a modern political pragmatism. The social liberals now holds power. The opinion of pops swing with regards to reform desire. Politics is now formed by the balance in-between the social and environmental reform minded (socialist, progressive) block and conservative minded block. The economy sets a cap on what reforms can be performed - power swings forth and back in-between the blocks - in democracies.

NWO Sample reforms.png

Divine absolute monarchies have disappeared since the days of the Victorian Era and fascism has descended in to the graveyard of history since World War 2. In today's world, nationalist sentiments are caters for by populist parties - having a pragmatic view with regards to reforms - following the popular will.

The democratic order may break down in sectarianism, where people starts voting by culture due to societal strain (unemployment, revanchism, discrimination, etc). When a society becomes sectarian, people tend towards populism or nationalism. This opens up for an authoritarian dictatorship - if the society gets too stressed.

In the 1990 start date, communism has lost it position as a major solution for economic problems - and overall is a marginalized political force. Surviving proletarian dictatorship's have adopted market socialism.

In the 1990 start date, Islam is the sole religion with a political party. They have a significant following among Islamic pops. This is modeled as pops being Muslim and traditionalists. Islamic traditionalists and western politics are on collision course.

NWO Sample ideologies.png


The mod features detailed ethnic map of the world. Pops has been updated and modified to reflect 1946 and 1992 demographics and ethnic diversity. With the Middle East having Sunni, Christian and Shiia Arabs as different ethnic groups cultures. In Africa all major cultures are represented. In the new world north America and South America and Oceania culture is defined by race.

NWO Ethnic asia.png

NWO Ethnic europe.png

NWO Ethnic latin america.png

Industries and Goods

New World Order has a reworked production system. A number of raw materials has been added. As well as modern consumer goods. Pop needs has been changed to reflect modern consumption patterns. Energy in form of Oil and Gas now are key strategic commodities. Provinces has been updated to reflect modern production patterns.

Raw materials: NWO Sample raw materials.png

Industrial Goods: NWO Sample industrial goods.png

Consumer Goods: NWO Sample consumer goods.png

Military (and Consumer) Goods: NWO Sample military goods.png

The picture below displays the trade window.

NWO Trade.png

World Bank and the IMF

The world economy needs a set amount of capital for turnover. In vanilla Vic2 money was added by gold mining. In NWO money is added by the IMF and the World Bank (WB). WB and IMF countries produces "credit" in their financial capitals (New York and Frankfurt.a.m). The City of London also produces credit.

NWO Credit rgo.png

All countries may by decision become member of the Buttonwoods institutions. This gives much reduced interest rates.

The IMF/WB may set global interest rates per government type if they agree on the policies. The World Bank may be taken over by a country achieving #1 rank. Any great nation may aspire to control the IMF.

At game start 1992 WB is in the hands of the US, and IMF in the hand of Germany. All countries has a possible decision to takeover the IMF when government has required amount of money and is a great power, by initiating a "Financial Attack".

NWO Finacial attack.png

If the IMF is taken over by a non European nation it will be renamed the New Development Bank.

NWO Imf and world bank.png


As a Bretton Woods credit production nation or greater power you may perform economic warfare on your enemies, by a "Sanction War". In order to generate as a Sanction casus belli you need to not be at war and have relations of less than -100 with your foe. A "Sanctions War" will not result in direct military confrontation (any ongoing war between your countries will be ended), but instead it will remove the target counties access to Buttonwoods cheep credit, and cause a stock market crash.


NWO Industry technologies.png
NWO Commerce technologies.png

The number of technologies has been increased from 5x5x6 to 5x5x10


See the github wiki: https://github.com/simsulla/nwomod/wiki#multiplayer



The mod code is hosted at github.

Clone the repository https://github.com/simsulla/nwomod.git in your "Victoria 2" installation directory. You may use any git client (like GitHub for Windows).

You will now have a nwo directory; C:\...\Victoria 2\nwomod

Copy the nwomdo\NWO.mod fiile to the mod directory

C:\...\Victoria 2\mod\NWO.mod

Edit the NWO.mod in notepad++ (or some other text editor) so that the path indicate nwomod in NWO.mod

   path = "nwomod/NWO"

Check that the nwomod\NWO\map\default.map has

   definitions = "../nwomod/NWO/map/definition.csv"