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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction (conservative)
Capital Fez (ID 1680)
Population 403.030
Primary culture Maghrebi
Accepted cultures Berber
Literacy 3.0%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized nation
Morocco and the bordering nations in 1836

Morocco is one of the Arabian Nations. A small north African uncivilized nation. Like Algeria Algeria to the east, it'll likely be torn to pieces by European powers (usually Spain Spain, France France and Portugal Portugal and eventuelly Netherlands Netherlands).

If conquest can somehow be averted, Morocco has a few helpful advantages. For one, Taza state has a precious metal resource, which is useful for supporting Moroccos uncivilized economy. To help the economy and to get research points, one can start to conquer its neighbours Algeria and Tunis Tunis before France does it.

If it westernizes and become a great power it can form Arabia Arabia by influencing one of the other Arabian nations.

Morocco in 1836

At the beginning of the game, Morocco is in a potentially interesting, perennially precarious position in the world. Like the other North African states Morocco is situated right next to the powerhouse that is Europe and have the unfortunate luck of being one of the uncivilized nations, located closest to the Great Powers. Let's look at pros and cons Morocco has to face:


  • Morocco has a decent sized starting army of 36.000 irregulars
  • Figuig will have a "diamond fever" event cause it to produce precious metal within the first month or so
  • No foreign cores/glaring internal problems looming
  • The vast majority of the population are either the primary Maghrebi or accepted Berber culture
  • There's a pair of uncivs just to the east that are loaded down with more Maghrei and Berber pops


  • Morocco is a "primitive nation" with literally zero progress towards Westernizing on par with the Zulu.
  • Most of Moroccos resources are grain and a smattering of wool, nothing valuable
  • Morocco's economy is in general really bad.
  • Literacy is at an abysmal 3%
  • Morocco is one war away from being totally crippled if not annexed by a European nation
  • Due to the precious metal, European powers usually will attack.
  • Long-term success is highly lucked based on early game survival

Opening moves

It is advised to tax and put tariffs on 100% to get as many ducats as possible to finance education and the army. One needs to get the literacy on the rise and funding education will be more important than keeping pops mildly less destitute.

Morocco does not have the luxury of some uncivs, say China or Japan, to simply sit back and wait to Westernize while maybe bullying around a few other minors. Both Morocco and its desirable expansion territory for Morocco, are in the cross-hairs of Western Europe. Spain, and to a lesser extent England, will look at Morocco for easy expansion territory while France will do the same to Algeria and Tunis. So it is advised to:

  1. Get relations with Spain, United Kingdom United Kingdom, and after them France, up to at least 100 to prevent them from justifying a war.
  2. Prepare to conquer Algeria and Tunis before the Europeans can.

One should note, that Morocco will most likely have a shortage of diplomatic points.

One can ally with Tunis. All the rest of the diplomatic points should be spent on improving relations with Spain as they are the most likely to attack in the early years.

The path to westernization

One is advised to keep the efforts going with getting on the good side of the Europeans. Now that Morocco hopefully have Algeria, Morocco will take their place in France's interest and they will either look the sphere Morocco or annex them.

All three of those nations should start vying for Morocco's place in their sphere of influence. Spain will almost certainly fall out of the running after falling to Secondary Power status early on, leaving France and England. Either one will suit just fine.

Morocco needs to stay pro-active. The longer it is uncivilized one needs to venture forth and seize some land and research points. Here's a list of some potentially appealing targets:

  1. Tunis
  2. Sokoto Sokoto
  3. Ethiopia Ethiopia
  4. Tripoli Tripoli (must be released from the Ottomans)
  5. Egypt Egypt
  6. The Arabian Minors
  7. The Boer states or Zulu Zulu
  8. Uruguay Uruguay or Haiti Haiti

Uruguay and the Boer republics are all one state, civilized minors which will net massive research points for conquering.

Tunis should be the first target (after Algeria). Good chance by the mid-1840s that the Ottomans are guaranteeing them, but if one waits a bit the Ottomans can fall out of GP status. Either way, Tunis will be open to invasion.

If all goes according to plan, Morocco can be Westernized by the 1860s. The more one conquers, and the smarter one is about the Research Points, the faster the process will go. Try

The future

It's no later than the mid-1860s and so you've still got a few years before the Scramble for Africa begins, and you need to get in on that. Sure, most of the uncolonized states immediately around you are miles of endless Sahara, but it's still land, some manpower, and prestige. Not to mention that West Morocco, West Sahara, and Sahara all have provinces that contain accepted cultures and will be easy to grant statehood.

The real prize, however, will be the states within reach of your holdings in former Sokoto. From there you can press into the Niger Delta and down into the Congo, granting you valuable Coal.pngcoal, Tropical wood.pngtropical wood, and someday Resource rubber.pngrubber. Coal and the ability to utilize Luxury Furniture factories will be invaluable as you play catching up in the industrialization game, and rubber is simply invaluable down the line. Africa is ripe with resources for your factories and bodies for your armies and you'll need both if you ever want to be a player on the global scale.

Don't slow down your other expansions either. When you've still got France as your ally, try and push the Ottomans completely out of North Africa (less colonial competition and Libya is loaded with accepted culture pops) and maybe even the Spanish enclave in El Rif. Though, honestly, it's not super critical.

At some point you'll need to break free from France's sphere, though. Butter up another GP, England or Germany (if they've formed), someone who can either take France in a ground war or wipe out their navy, meaning the only troops you'll ever see are the ones from any African holdings they acquired. When France is soft (or being completely overrun), jump in and snatch up Algiers.

Succeed in all of this, and Morocco can have a population of over six million by 1880 and you're a legitimate contender for the lowest Great Power slot. Your income, once un-Sphered, should be suitable to increase military funding high enough to start arming a good deal of your new desert empire.

If you manage to do so, you'll have a new option available to you: the formation of Arabia. Simply sphere any of the Arab states and take it, changing your tag to Arabia and bringing all Arab cultures in as "accepted", while granting you cores on all Arabian lands. This can lead to a pretty big boost in manpower and some easy land gain, but it will also make you no longer Morocco.