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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Partida Boiereasca (reactionary)
Capital Iasi (ID 670)
Population 360.72 thousand
Primary culture Romanian
Accepted cultures
Literacy 10%
National value Order
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized nation
A view of Moldovia together with its twin Wallachia and there overlord in 1836

Moldavia is a small country in Eastern Europe and it starts as a satellite of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire. It has a Romanian twin nation Wallachia Wallachia which is very much in the same situation Being a satellite is very annoying, as one cannot make alliances, the economy will be unable to grow significantly and declaring war is impossible. Moldavia can form Romania Romania, then, one can expand by taking Hungary Hungarys Transylvania and Russian Basarabia. Romania has struggled in having a rich history like the Western countries, as it was dominated by the three empires around it.


The best bet is to raise the taxes for all POPs to very high levels. While it is unlikely to increase militancy (lack of everyday needs), one will save up money which will be beneficial on the long term. It is a good idea to increase Education and Administration budgets, encourage Bureaucrats & Clergymen for literacy and if possible, build a Resource liquor.pngliquor Factory or a Resource glass.pngglass Factory, as Moldavia has some Coal.pngcoal and Grain.pnggrain.


Unfortunately there's not much that can be done about the Army. The country is not populous maximum 4-5 brigades can be raised. The Military aspects can have focus after the formation of Romania at very least. Later a good starting army to face Moldavias enemies is needed. While Moldavia is still the name of the nation the military does not have much use. The Ottomans have the manpower to defend Moldavia. That is however not a good thing if Moldavia gains its independence proper.


Prestige, RGO and Industry techs seems like the best choice for Moldavia to begin with. It doesn't have sea access and it is not independent so navies and armies won't be needed to begin with. It can come later.

It is highly needed to raise the population literacy rate as it starts at miserably 10%. (which can be compared to Brunei Brunei, Dai Nam Dai Nam and other Asian nations).


One can try to collect some money and building 1-2 factories. It will be somewhat useless, as the profit will be taken by the Turks. Once Moldavia is independent, one can build 1-2 more. Eventually, add a National Focus point in the most populous region, to encourage Craftsmen. It is advised to elect any party that has "State Capitalism" included. That will let one build factories and more features to improve the economy, when one is lacking Capitalists, which one will.

Creating Romania

There are two ways to found Romania. The first is the decision Form Romania, one needs to be a Great Power. Once Moldovia gets its freedom, try to get few allies in United Kingdom United Kingdom, France France and Russia Russia, against Austria Austria. Prussia Prussia could be a good ally too, as they might declare war on Austrians to assert Hegemony and form Germany Germany, so keep an eye on them. Once one crushes the Austrians and take Transylvania (not needed to form Romania, but it gives a few extra possibilities), concentrate on the Ottoman Empire (in case Wallachia are still under their SOI). Form alliances against the Ottomans and declare them war, to add them under the SOI (in case one is not a Secondary Power, then choose to release them from their SOI). It is recommended to let them invade ones territory, then, with 5-6 brigades, push them back. Keep doing this and increase the number of brigades based on the army power they have in a region. After they accepted the peace offer and released Wallachia, one has to wait 5 years to finish the truce with Wallachia. Then, declare them war, with Assert Hegemony option selected (if not available, then conquest them). This would not be available and should be skipped if Wallachia will get in the SOI. Then, Romania have been formed.

The other is Union of Moldavia and Wallachia!. It only requires that both countries are independent, but it will not include the Romanian land controlled by the Ottoman Empire, Austria and Russia. That has to be conquered afterwards.


If one forms Romania, one can achieve Secondary Power easily. Build up the economy, by constructing more factories, building forts and railroads and One will see improvement. Build the army and try to ally with Austria, then break the alliance with Russia. Declare them war and try to get the Russian owned part of Besarabia. The war with Russia will be hard, but with some luck, Russia have a small army, if they are concentrating on economy. One can expand by taking Dobrudja from the Ottoman Empire.