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Mobilization is the act of assembling and making both troops and supplies ready for war.

France can mobilize 106 brigrades

In Victoria II, this means you 'recruit' a part of your poor strata (Labourers mini.pnglabourers, Farmers mini.pngfarmers and Craftsmen mini.pngcraftsmen) into the army. In HoD this is a gradual process, while before HoD it happened instantly. The opposite of mobilization is demobilization, which happens instantly in every version. Mobilizing gives a negative throughput modifier, depending on several factors (see below). In an unmodded version of the game, mobilised units are Infantry.pngInfantry if the country has the tech for it (i.e. all civilized countries and uncivs with the Foreign Weapons reform), otherwise they are Irregular.pngIrregulars.


Several factors come into play for mobilization:

  • Mobilization Size: a modifier, which indicates the percentage of the poor strata you can mobilize. (see National value)
  • Mobilization Impact: a modifier, which indicates the maximum amount of brigades you can mobilize. (see Party issues § War Policy)
  • Mobilization Economic Impact: a modifier, which indicates the economic effects of mobilization. (see National value)
  • MIN_MOBILIZE_LIMIT: a constant, which indicates the lowest maximum of brigades you can mobilize. (by default 3)
  • MOBILIZATION_SPEED_BASE: a constant, which indicates the speed of mobilization, HoD only. (by default 0.12)
  • MOBILIZATION_SPEED_RAILS_MULT: a constant, which indicates the effect of infrastructure on mobilization speed. (by default 3)

The modifiers can be used in any modifier, political issue, technology, invention, etc.

The constants are defined in Victoria 2\common\defines.lua

The throughput modifier is calculated by:

throughput = -1 x mobilization_size x mobilization_economic_impact

The mobilization speed is calculated by:


The amount of brigades is limited by:

limit = brigades x mobilization_impact

If the amount of brigades is lower than MIN_MOBILIZE_LIMIT, MIN_MOBILIZE_LIMIT is used instead of the current amount of brigades.

Note that 3 means 3000 men and not 3 brigades.