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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Konservative Partei (Conservative)
Capital Schwerin
Population 573,610
Primary culture North German
Accepted cultures
Literacy 80%
National value Order
Tech school Military Industrial Complex
Status Civilized
A picture of the fractioned Germany in 1836. Mecklenburg lies east of Holstein

Mecklenburg is a north German state, one of the northernmost of the German monarchies, which starts out in the Prussian sphere of influence. As all nations with North German culture it is possible for Mecklenburg to form the North German Federation North German Federation and a unified Germany Germany, but it is however difficult at best. The advantage of Mecklenburg is that it is close to Denmark Denmark and Holstein Holstein, allowing you to go to war with them early on in the game for territory when Prussia does, and thus no longer being a one-state minor.


Mecklenburg is situated in northern Germany Germany, on the coast of the Baltic. Historically, there existed a Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, originally established as a normal duchy in 1701 under the rule of the House of Mecklenburg. The smaller Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz was ruled by a cadet branch of the family, but in the game the two are combined as one. They were initially sovereign nations and member states of the Northern German Federation from 1815 until they became part of the German Empire in 1871, and were dissolved in 1918 after the First World War.

It borders Hannover Hannover, Holstein Holstein, and Lübeck Lübeck to the east, Prussia Prussia to the south and west, and the Baltic Sea to the north. This strategic position allows it to potentially become a great power, as it can expand through Holstein into nearby Denmark Denmark early on in the game. The state also has the advantage of starting out with a high literacy rate.

Becoming a Great Power

First steps

The biggest threat that overshadows everything else is the fact that Prussia will form the North German Confederation very soon and in the process annex Mecklenburg. Therefore, one has to leave the Prussian sphere of influence by rising to Great Power status. After getting your finances in order, focus on researching Romanticism and Realism under Culture in order to gain more prestige, the fastest way towards becoming a Great Power. You may want to set focus to Soldiers mini.pngSoldiers in order to increase the size of your small military. Additionally you should change the ruling party to Nationale Partei, which favors state capitalism, so you can eventually build factories.

Next, Prussia or Austria Austria will go to war with Denmark over the status of Holstein, which is a small German state that borders Mecklenburg. Take advantage of this by declaring war on Denmark as well and demand Danish Schleswig-Holstein, a small region north of the state of Holstein. On your own you are no match for Denmark but with Prussian assistance it becomes much easier, Prussia will do most of the fighting for you. It is preferable to do it with Prussia than Austria, as the latter usually does not send ground troops and has a tendency to be unsuccessful. Occupy parts of Holstein (which you will fight since it will assist Denmark) and the Jylland peninsula (most of which will be annexed by Prussia, other than Schleswig-Holstein).


After gaining Schwelsig-Holstein, Mecklenburg has two states and is no longer a one-state minor, meaning that you are able to become a Great Power. Your prestige gains from researching should get you to that level. At that point you can start researching other fields, especially military and industry, and then begin to influence other German states around you once you reach Great Power status. Expect Prussia and Austria to discredit your influence, but overall, building influence in the other German states does not take too long. Also start building factories if you haven't already. In order to gain some additional countries in your sphere without as much interference by other powers, you should also focus on influencing a few Asian countries.

From there it is focusing on remaining a Great Power and building influence in the other German minors. The moment you lose Great Power status, Prussia will declare war on you and you will be annexed. It is a good idea that after the truce with Denmark is over, attack the country and force it into your sphere of influence.