Manhattan Commune

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Manhattan Commune
Manhattan Commune.png
Government type Democracy
Ruling party Reuionist (conservative)
Capital New York (ID 232)
Population 179.32 thousand
Primary culture Yankee
Accepted cultures
Literacy N/A
National value Liberty
Tech school Traditional academia
Status Civilized

The Manhattan Commune is a minor civilized nation that can be released from the USA USA if they are a communist regime or via nationalist revolts.

When formed, the Commune only include the province New York, an inland province completely surrounded by the USA. This makes expansion difficult. However, with a life score of 50, New York will rapidly expand in population, and can reap the rewards of that (factories, etc.).

Despite seemingly bordering on the sea (and the fact that it does in real life), New York cannot build a navy or a naval base. Conquering American land is the most likely route of expansion.


  • Massive life rating (50, the highest anywhere)
  • Receives masses of immigration


  • Surrounded by a far more powerful nation, with cores on Manhattan(USA)
  • No sea access
  • One-province status makes it impossible to reach Great Power status without taking land, so Manhattan is unlikely to gain canal provinces


Reaching the sea is of very high importance for the Commune, but the presence of an all-powerful America will mean it needs assistance. If during the American Civil War, the Confederate States of America Confederate States of America is winning, it's a chance to take New York state. From there, access to the sea will allow expansion in any way useful. Otherwise, attempting to ally with Britain (they sometimes invade the USA) may be a viable alternative.

If America is all too powerful to take, one can ally them and try to attack Canada Canada instead.