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Government type Absolute Monarchy
Ruling party Royal Faction (Conservative)
Capital Bela
Population 31.100
Primary culture Baluchi
Accepted cultures
Literacy 5.0%
National value Order
Tech school Uncivilized
Status Uncivilized
A view of Makran and the nations north-west of it in 1836

Makran is a very small OPM state in modern-day Pakistan. It is one of the few independent Indian nations capable of forming India. It lies out to the Gulf in Indus bordering Persia Persia, Kalat Kalat and Sindh Sindh. It has one of the lowest populations in the entire game, which makes it extraordinarily hard to play as. On the good side, the single province of Makran produces Tea.png, which should give a modest budget.

Kalat, Sindh and Panjab Panjab are threatening, but to the players unlikely luck, Makran might be just poor enough, for them not to bother. But conquest requires a powerful ally, ideally United Kingdom United Kingdom. It is however very hard to find a fitting ally.

Like almost all uncivilized nations the player should start by promoting Clergymen mini.pngclergymen.