Louis Napoleon in Switzerland

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Louis Napoleon in Switzerland is an event unique to France France regarding Switzerland Switzerland. It is regarding that the contemporary head of the Napoleon family, Louis Napoleon (Napoleon III) has gained political asylum in Switzerland.

It can happen early in the game between 1837 and 1840, if Switzerland and France are not at war. It has a mean time to happen of 5 months, which increases after 1838.

There are two possible options:

  • Demand the Swiss Extradite him! which gives a malus to relations of -50
  • His ramblings in the Alps are no threat to us which gives an improvement in relations of 50, but at the cost of 1 consciousness for all POPs in France.

The ingame text states: An outspoken critic of our regime, the current head of the Bonapartes has been granted asylum in Switzerland, and from their he is encouraging our subjects to challenge our regime. Should we demand the Swiss extradite him?